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Congress Stepping Into The Ongoing Fight Against Traumatic Brain Injury

Congress Stepping Into The Ongoing Fight Against Traumatic Brain InjuryOver the last several years, traumatic brain injury (TBI) has become a much more visible health crisis. TBI first became part of the public consciousness when it was revealed that many pro athletes had significant brain damage from ongoing impacts to the head.

In the years since then, physicians have come to have a better understanding of the risks of TBI. For example, it is now known that young children playing certain sports are at an enhanced risk. However, a systematic response to TBI has not been on the horizon.

That is all beginning to change, however, as it seems that the first steps toward a coordinated response to TBI issues are now being taken. Breaking news on the matter provides many new reasons to be optimistic about the future of TBI treatment.
Bipartisan Support For Brain Injury Victim Help Comes From The Most Unexpected Of Places
On November 13, Congress stepped into the fight against TBI for the first time. In a loud and clear voice, supported by both Democrats and Republicans, the House... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Major Accident Cases Haven’t Been In The Headlines Lately, But You Can Still Get Your Due

Major Accident Cases Haven’t Been In The Headlines Lately, But You Can Still Get Your DueIt wasn’t that long ago when it seemed as if there was a major accident case in headlines every week or so -- many of these being “slip and fall” cases taking place at a high profile business.

Nowadays, relatively few cases make it to the headlines. Why is this and what does it mean?

The truth is that the overall volume of accident cases hasn’t really changed in recent years. However, the approach toward these cases has evolved, especially for the responsible parties.

Parties who are responsible for accidents, particularly businesses, don’t wish for their culpability in an accident to become publicized knowledge in the local press -- so they take action.

There are two forms this “action” can take: Trying to intimidate the injured parties into an early and ineffective settlement, or negotiating openly and honestly with the victim’s legal team.
Businesses Often Try To Use Their Clout To End A Case Before It Starts
By offering an early settlement, businesses can persuade... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Attorneys Agree: Insurance Companies Are The Worst Foe You Can Have In Court

Attorneys Agree: Insurance Companies Are The Worst Foe You Can Have In CourtWhen you are involved in an accident, your attention probably focuses on the party who is really responsible for the accident: A negligent business, public entity, or an individual whose lack of care created the opportunity for you to be injured.

Although it is true that you will need to reckon with the responsible party in court, they are usually not your most determined foe -- rather, insurance companies are the real “heavy hitters” when it comes to preventing you from getting money to which you are entitled.
Modern Insurance Companies Will Truly Stop At Nothing When It Comes To Your Case
One of the most staggering things about dealing with insurance companies after an accident is the undeniable fact that it’s not just the other party’s insurance firm you need to worry about.

Your own insurance company will often work against you as strenuously as it possibly can, in an attempt to prove that your own negligence or wrongdoing is partially responsible for an incident.

If left unchecked, this,... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Truck Driver Was Browsing Facebook During A Fatal Crash In Arizona, Authorities Find

Authorities looking into a recent crash in Arizona have come to a startling discovery: A trucker whose semi plowed into a number of parked emergency vehicles was probably looking at social media on his cell phone at the time of the accident.

Driver Juan Espinoza has been pictured apparently looking at his cell phone shortly before the accident. The footage was produced by a dashboard camera that was recording the accident. In the crash, a state Department of Public Safety Officer was killed.
Espinoza survived the event and was charged with twenty felonies.
“Driving While Texting” Is Even More Dangerous For Drivers Of Large Commercial Trucks

It appears that the driver in this case may have used his wallet to intentionally block the “dash cam” in his vehicle in order to provide some cover while he was looking at his cell phone.

Officers who were on the scene were unable to get his attention as the vehicle moved toward them at 65 miles an hour. The collision included the semi, used for fuel storage, as well as three police cars and two ambulances.

A witness stated that the collision with the truck threw the cars... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

What Are Your Major Risk Factors Following An Automotive Accident?

What Are Your Major Risk Factors Following An Automotive Accident?When dealing with an automotive accident, there are many things to consider. Accident victims have to deal with many legal and financial ramifications that can often seem overwhelming.

However, it’s very important to make sure that you put your health first and see a physician within a day or two of an accident. Only with this help can you know about your prognosis.

Automobile accidents can cause serious injuries that might have permanent implications. However, these injuries are not always obvious to the sufferer shortly after the event.

The injuries that you might face in an auto accident are different from the complications of a slip and fall or other type of accident. Let’s explore the problems that you should be aware of.

Complications From An Automotive Accident Can Take Many Forms

There are many types of injuries that are common after an automotive accident. Even if you were wearing your seatbelt, a relatively minor impact can be the cause of a troubling situation.

Some common issues include:

1) Neck Injuries And Whiplash
Serious neck injuries can lead to... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Slip And Fall Deaths Are Climbing; Even Non-Fatal Accidents Cost Billions

Slip And Fall Deaths Are Climbing; Even Non-Fatal Accidents Cost BillionsThere’s one strange unintended consequence to the recent resurgence of the American economy: A spike in “slip and fall” injuries and deaths, especially those occurring during the work day.

As we write this, there are plenty of things to be pleased about: Exports have reached record levels, the unemployment rate has dropped below 6%, and there are great signs of job growth.

One of the areas that is growing much faster than it typically does is manufacturing. Sadly, though, manufacturing jobs also bring with them a very high degree of accident danger.
If Your Workplace Is One With Significant Falling Hazards, Take All Precautions
What’s the economic impact of slip and fall at work? It has been estimated at more than $15 billion each year. Since 1998, the number of slip and fall cases at work that have resulted in serious injury or disability has actually increased by almost 5%.

The manufacturing, energy, and construction industries are those most likely to be associated with slip and fall. The cost of each slip and fall incident... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

How Do The Best Florida Accident Attorneys Stay Sharp In Advance Of Cases Like Yours?

How Do Good Florida Accident Attorneys “Stay Sharp” In Advance Of Cases Like Yours?In any work environment that requires a great deal of knowledge and professionalism, you will usually have to have specific plans and activities in place to keep your skills sharp for work.

This is the case in the legal world just as it is in many areas. From technical professionals to top management, the most effective professionals out there are always “sharpening the saw.”

Let’s take a look behind the curtain and talk a little bit about how top Florida accident attorneys keep their skills in peak condition so they are always ready to provide you with the best service.

1) The Florida Bar Requires Continuing Education
The bar examination -- which all attorneys must take in order to practice law -- is an event many have described as “all consuming.” It is a would-be attorney’s principal thought for years on end. However, that’s only the beginning: Hours of continuing education are required each year.

2) Good Senior Attorneys Constantly Read Up On Precedent

In the legal world, “precedent” is... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

The Orlando Sentinel Reports That Florida Leads The Nation In Car Crash Drowning

The Orlando Sentinel Reports That Florida Leads The Nation In Car Crash DrowningWhen one gets inside a motor vehicle, the threat of drowning is perhaps the last thing in mind. However, wrongful death in a vehicle caused by drowning is actually a significant risk in some areas of the United States, including Florida and Texas.

However, it is by far a greater risk in Florida than anywhere else in the United States. As recently as November 8, The Orlando Sentinel reported that Florida led the nation in combined “car crash drownings” by a wide margin: Nearly 50 such deaths in a period of five years.

By comparison, the state with the next greatest risk was Texas, with just 18 such cases.
Few Car Crash Lawyers Have Ever Had To Face The Horror Of A Car Crash Drowning Case
No less an organization than the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has come to the conclusion that available statistics on car crash drownings significantly understate the case.

Revised estimates by that body have placed the number of annual car crash drowning cases at over fifty... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Motorcycle Accidents Are Far More Likely Than Other Accidents To Result In Fatalities

Motorcycle Accidents Are Far More Likely Than Other Accidents To Result In FatalitiesThere are more than eight million and a half motorcycles on the road today. While motorcycles were once almost exclusively the preserve of young men, they are becoming more and more popular with an older and more affluent group of drivers distributed all around the country.

While motorcycles themselves are no more danger than other vehicles in the right hands, each motorcyclist must have excellent reflexes and situational awareness at all times in order to safely handle the vehicle under even the most welcoming road conditions.

Let’s look at some important statistics:

In 2012, just under 5,000 people died in motorcycle crashes, up more than 7% from 2011.
Also in 2012, 93,000 motorcyclists were injured, an increase of more than 10,000 from 2011.
Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to perish in a vehicle crash than others on the road.
With the number of motorcycles on the road increasing, these figures are expected to grow.

Being Aware Of The Dangers Of Motorcycles Is Critical For Any Florida Driver
Motorcycles can be very dangerous in... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Tragic Accident Of Comedian Tracy Morgan Highlights Brain Injury Risks For Motorists

Tragic Accident Of Comedian Tracy Morgan Highlights Brain Injury Risks For MotoristsFollowing an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, actor and comedian Tracy Morgan seemed confident of his eventual recovery. Unfortunately, Mr. Morgan has become the latest high profile victim of a severe brain injury that could end his career.

Mr. Morgan’s vehicle was apparently rear-ended by a tractor trailer, killing one passenger in the vehicle. Mr. Morgan was immediately diagnosed and treated for broken ribs and a broken leg, but it seemed that he had survived with few permanent injuries.

Unfortunately, now -- five months since the fateful accident -- it is becoming clear that Mr. Morgan has suffered neurological trauma that may impact him for the rest of his life, taking him out of the spotlight and ending his comedy legacy.
A Serious Brain Injury Can Lead To Dramatic Consequences That Will Last A Lifetime
It is, perhaps, surprising that the revelations about Mr. Morgan’s brain injuries have taken five months to emerge. However, it’s not necessarily the case that this is because he or his camp sought to hide... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

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