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Nissan Issues Airbag Recall

Nissan Issues Airbag RecallRecently, you may have heard of an airbag recall surrounding Takata Corporation, due to airbags suddenly deploying and sending sharp metal shrapnel throughout the vehicle. This recall has impacted over 50 million vehicles, including 3.5 million Nissan vehicles. Nissan has launched a recall for over 54,000 issues due to an airbag issue, following an investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. However, the Nissan airbag recall is different than the Takata airbag recall.
2012 Versa Cars Recalled
Over 54,000 units of the 2012 model of the Nissan Versa were recently recalled, due to an issue where the airbags unexpectedly deploy when the doors are slammed. Owners of the vehicle filed a complaint that curtain and seat-mounted side airbags on both the driver and front passenger side suddenly deployed when the doors were closed. After the NHTSA launched an investigation in October 2016, they have determined that a recall is necessary for the affected vehicles.
What Makes The Airbags Suddenly Deploy?
The side airbag connector harnesses of the vehicles used a wrong combination of metals. This resulted in an oxidation state to occur, affecting the pins that connect the control units of... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Little Known Ways To Increase Your Personal Injury Settlement

Little Known Ways to Increase Your Personal Injury SettlementSarah was riding on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle when they were suddenly rear-ended by a car with such force that Sarah flew off the back of the bike and onto the hood of the car. In a rage, Sarah's boyfriend jumped off the bike and grabbed the driver out his car. A fight ensued. As a result of the fight, the cops arrested both Sarah's boyfriend and driver of the car. As a result of the arrest, Sarah decided to go down to the police station to bail out her boyfriend instead of the hospital. After leaving the police station, Sarah then went home.

The next morning, Sarah woke up unable to move, so she stayed in bed all that day. Sarah's boyfriend gave her some of his left over OxyContin, which she took for a few days. When the OxyContin ran out, Sarah began taking over-the-counter pain killers. After about one week, Sarah felt well enough to return to work as a barista. However, Sarah noticed that her left wrist continued to hurt. Finally, after about 3 months, Sarah finally went to... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

Two Big Mistakes You Are Making By Not Using A Contingency Fee Agreement

PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMMany people think that they can save money by not hiring a lawyer. They think they can run their personal injury claim like a business, and like a business, they think they can increase their personal injury settlement by cutting their costs, which includes the lawyer's fee. By not hiring an attorney, they believe that they can increase the settlement amount for themselves. But, are they right? Here are two of biggest mistakes they are making:

1. Settlement Offers are Limited by Jury Verdicts.

First, if you have been following our legal blog, (see our previous blog post, Who Your Lawyer Is Matters More than You Think, and Here's Why...) then you already know that the insurance company is not going to offer you more money to settle your personal injury claim than you could get a jury to award you at trial. After all, why would the insurance company pay you more than you could get at trial?

Unless the insurance company is operating out of the generosity of their gigantic corporate hearts, then they are only going to pay you the amount of money that you can force them to pay... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Who Your Lawyer IS Matters More Than You Think, And Here's Why...

Court gavel,Law theme, mallet of justice

"Who are you again?" the insurance adjustor asked in a rude tone. He was obviously impatient with the rookie lawyer he had on the phone. "Never heard of you," he snorted.

Why did the insurance adjuster say this? Because the adjuster knows that it is the attorney's legal reputation and his legal experience that really counts.

Simply put, your attorney's name is his legal reputation, for good or bad. And, how long your attorney has been practicing law affects his legal reputation. In general, if your attorney is respected as an experienced advocate and someone who will go to court, the better it is for you.

Although the insurance companies have not admitted to keeping a database on trial lawyers’ victories, the insurance adjusters KNOW which trial lawyers have received big WINS for their clients. Chances are that if the insurance adjuster does not respect your attorney, that adjuster will not make you a serious settlement offer.

Think about it. Why would an insurance company pay you more money than your lawyer could get for you at trial? They wouldn't.

Therefore, increase your chances of receiving justice by hiring the experienced Personal Injury... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

The Right Personal Injury Attorney Can Dramatically Change Your Case

The Right Personal Injury Attorney Can Dramatically Change Your CaseIf you’ve recently been injured on the job or in an accident, hopefully you have at least thought about hiring an attorney. Studies have proven that injured people who hire a lawyer typically receive higher settlements on average than those who choose not to hire one. However, that does not mean that you should sign up for the first lawyer you see that is willing to help. You should do your research, and pick the attorney that is best for you.
One of the primary questions you should be asking yourself is, “How can this attorney provide me any value?” An experienced personal injury attorney will handle all correspondence with insurance companies, and negotiate with them on your behalf. The end goal is to get you more money from a settlement than you would have gotten on your own, even after factoring in attorney’s fees.
An attorney should be willing to hear your case and properly evaluate it without immediately trying to sign you as a client. If an attorney attempts to sign you within ten minutes, you should be cautious. When initially... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

Preventing Car Accidents

Preventing Car AccidentsThe rates of car accidents in our country has been steadily rising. What can we do to prevent them? Besides your basics, such as “buckle up” and “don’t drink and drive,” take the following into consideration while on the road. It could save you or your family’s life.

Be Alert – Don’t’ simply focus on the care in front of you. You should watch traffic all around you, which will increase your chance of being able to react in time to any problems that may arise. You should also be aware of your blind spots. Turn to look directly into lanes beside you before changing lanes, as it is easy to miss something undetected by your mirrors. You should also be mindful of blind spots for other drivers around you. Try not to hang out in another car’s blind spot. Lastly, pay attention to other drivers on the road – the “little things,” if you will. A car’s condition can easily reflect the type of driver inside the car. A car with damage, or one covered in filth, could reflect an inattentive driver. Additionally, a car drifting lanes could... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Record-Setting Auto Recalls In 2016

Record-Setting Auto Recalls In 2016 Automakers issued record recalls last year in the United States, as 53.2 million vehicles were recalled. This tops the previous all-time high of 51.1 million set in 2015. This is the third consecutive year that auto safety recalls have topped 50 million while surpassing the record set the previous year. In the two decades prior, annual U.S. auto recalls ranged from 10.2 million to 30.8 million.

The 2016 recalls took place through a record-setting 927 recall campaigns, a 7 percent increase from 2015.
Government Oversight
In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was heavily scrutinized, as they failed to detect a deadly ignition switch detect in General Motor Company’s cars that were linked to 124 deaths. Since then, the agency has been pressuring automakers to recall more vehicles. They have also made efforts to hold automakers accountable, issuing record fines to companies who failed to follow safety rules.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has the authority to issue vehicle safety standards. They can also require manufacturers to recall vehicles that have safety-related defects or do not meet Federal safety standards. Although manufacturers often voluntarily initiate many of these... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Uber, Lyft, And Rideshare Services In Florida

Uber, Lyft, And Rideshare Services In FloridaRecently, the Florida House has brought a bill to a full floor vote that would set statewide ridesharing rules for companies like Uber and Lyft. As one in four Americans now use ride sharing, state lawmakers feel that statewide access to ridesharing provides safety and economic value. With the services growing in popularity in the state and across the country, how can drivers adjust?
Proposed Legislation
House Bill 221 by Reps. Jamie Grant (R-Tampa) and Chris Sprowls (R-Clearwater) proposed rules that would include level one background checks that don’t require a driver’s fingerprints. Drivers would have to undergo a background check, which would analyze their complete driving history, multistate/multijurisdictional criminal records, and the national sex offender database. If in the previous five years they were convicted of a felony, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, hit and run, a violent misdemeanor, sexual battery or fleeing or attempting to flee an officer, drivers would not be allowed to transport passengers.

Drivers would also have to possess a valid driver’s license and proof of registration on their vehicle. They would also need to provide a photo and license... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Endangering Lives: Drunk Driving And Texting While Driving

What Victims Of Texting While Driving Accidents Need To KnowGetting behind the wheel of the car while intoxicated and texting while driving are pretty much the two worst behaviors a driver could possibly choose to engage in while operating a motor vehicle. Both endanger the driver’s life, and the lives of others on the road.
Drunk Driving
28 people in the United States die daily in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Alcohol-related crashes cost more than $44 billion annually.

The risk of being involved in a crash is greater for young people than for older people. Of the drivers involved in fatal crashes in 2014 that had a BAC level of .08% or higher, three out of every 10 were between the ages of 21 and 24. Those ages 25 to 34 saw a 29% fatality rate, and those 35 to 44 saw a 24% fatality rate. Motorcyclists are also very much at risk. Of motorcycles killed in fatal crashes in 2014, 29% had BACs of .08% or greater.

Unfortunately, it appears that repeat offenders are also an issue when it comes to impaired driving. Drivers with a BAC of .08% or... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Importance Of Personal Injury Protection And Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Importance Of Personal Injury Protection And Bodily Injury Liability CoveragePersonal injury protection is a type of coverage that is typically purchased with an auto insurance plan. Florida is one of ten states that have personal injury protection auto insurance. It was initially intended to provide injured drivers up to $10,000 in immediate medical coverage, instead of waiting for the court system to determine fault.

Bodily injury liability coverage pays damages in case of an accident caused by the insured, and essentially becomes a part of your vehicle’s coverage plan.
Personal Injury Protection
In Florida, personal injury protection coverage is required to be purchased by all registered motor vehicle owners. Each driver is responsible for their own injuries in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.

The purpose of PIP coverage is to provide timely payments of medical bills and lost income that occur because of a motor vehicle accident. The standard PIP coverage entitles an auto insurer to pay the insured 80 percent of his medical bills up to $10,0000, or 60 percent of their lost wages. Many auto insurers also offer an additional “medical payments coverage,” which would cover the remaining 20... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

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