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Take Care When Driving On I-75 To Minimize The Risk Of Injury

Take Care When Driving On I-75 To Minimize The Risk Of InjuryThe interstate highway system is one of the quintessential achievements in the history of the United States of America. It is also one of the things that makes this great land easy to travel.

However, some areas of the interstate highways are notorious for serious injury and other issues. One of the most significant areas of concern is I-75 as it runs through the state of Florida.

I-75 passes through some of the most densely populated urban centers in Florida. Likewise, it is very heavily trafficked by people from all over the United States during the winter months.

With all these issues in mind, it’s important to drive carefully on I-75 at all times.

I-75 Is One Of The Most Dangerous Highways Not Just In Florida, But In The U.S.

Traffic levels in I-75 are some of the heaviest in the United States, and have been practically since the inception of the highway decades ago. As it wends its way from Florida all the way to the border of Canada, much of I-75... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

If You Don’t Feel Like You Can Trust Your Lawyer, Look For A New One

When You Need Legal Assistance, Be Sure To Use The Name You Can TrustIn many situations in Florida and elsewhere, choosing a lawyer can be a difficult and stressful task. However, it’s important that you take time to “follow your instincts” in this key matter.

Not only should you do as much research as you can and compare different lawyers, but you should also get a feel for whether or not you believe you can work well with an attorney.

Legal knowledge isn’t the only important aspect to being an effective attorney in Florida. Lawyers in Florida who achieve the most for their clients are able to provide the human touch.

The very first step for that important connection is making time to talk to you about your case, even before you decide to use a particular law firm. That consultation can tell you a great deal.
Is Your Lawyer Someone You Are Ready To Work With On The Long Term?
When you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be fighting in court for months or even years in... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Injury Lawyers Can Help You To Achieve Successful Settlements

Every once in a while, a case takes place that redefines how people think about wrongful injury. One of those cases recently received a verdict that’s on everyone’s lips. A 26-year-old Flagler County woman received a judgment in excess of $4 million after a car wreck.

The auto accident was caused by her then-boyfriend, who was texting while driving as she was a passenger in the vehicle. Due to the texting, the driver ran a stop sign and collided with a tractor trailer, resulting in major, permanent brain injury for the young woman.

The woman is permanently disabled and will likely require some form of care for the rest of her life. Likewise, it’s unknown exactly how much of the record settlement she may be able to receive. Nonetheless, the legal victory makes an important statement to victims.
Courts And Juries Understand The Seriousness Of Traumatic Brain Injuries
Of the wrongful injury cases that have resulted in the largest settlements, traumatic brain injury is second only to wrongful death in terms of the amount that a plaintiff may be able to receive.

Traumatic brain injury has a permanent effect on every aspect of an individual’s life: Its seriousness simply cannot be overstated. Not only do... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are In The News More Often Than Ever

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are In The News More Often Than EverTraumatic brain injuries are in headlines more frequently now than they ever were before thanks to the dawning realization that so many members of society are at risk of severe brain trauma.

The renaissance of understanding TBI began with the understanding that many, if not most, professional football players and boxers in the U.S. were at significant risk of developing TBI during their careers.

From there, it was not long before people began looking at the role and risks of TBI in their own lives. Even children who participate in athletics at a high level for their age could be setting themselves up for a higher risk of TBI.

However, even with the precautions that are becoming more common in society, it’s still true that some of the most serious TBIs are caused by accidental injuries -- like automotive accidents and even “slip and fall.”
Millions Of Dollars In Research Is Going Toward TBI, But Sufferers Still Need Help
A lot of the news around TBI recently has been promising:

Abbott Labs just secured a $19.5... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

A 4-Year Old Is In Serious Condition Today After Being Struck By A Motorcycle

A 4-Year Old Is In Serious Condition Today After Being Struck By A MotorcycleThere is no individual statistic that allows experts to know exactly how many people in the U.S. own a motorcycle or operate one on a regular basis.

However, states do maintain records of registered motorcycles. Independent research dating back to 2013 showed that there were approximately eight million motorcycles, with more than 574 thousand of them being registered in the state of Florida.

By most unofficial estimates, including those of hobbyists, Florida is the #2 motorcycle state. That compares to a total of more than 254 million registered cars throughout the U.S., including well over fifteen million in Florida.

The majority of motorcycle drivers are highly alert to road conditions and very aware of other people sharing the road with them. However, when a motorcycle operator is careless for even a few seconds, tragedy can strike -- changing lives forever.
Children Are At Special Risk When It Comes To Motorcycle Accidents
According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 28-year-old Corey Brendan Parker was in the westbound lane of 30A just... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Florida Is The Third Most Expensive State In The United States To Own A Car

Florida Is The Third Most Expensive State In The United States To Own A CarDo you feel like the costs of keeping your vehicle in road worthy condition are going up? Odds are very good that you’re right. Recent research reported in the Tampa Bay Times indicates that Florida is the #3 most expensive state in which to own a vehicle.
What are the major problems?
First of all, repair bills are steadily increasing in the state. As many people do not have the money to get a new car, they typically try to maintain their existing vehicle well beyond its prime, leading to higher repair bills and more likelihood of being taken advantage of.

More to the point for people who have been involved in an accident or personal injury situation, however, is the cost of insurance. Between the years of 2007 and 2011, Florida drivers paid about 27% more than average drivers throughout the rest of the United States for their insurance.

All in all, the average cost of operating a car in Florida is over $2,500 each... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Florida Woman Wins More Than $4 Million In Texting And Driving Case

Florida Woman Wins More Than $4 Million In Texting And Driving CaseHere is undeniable proof that you should never decide not to pursue your wrongful injury case out of the belief that you won’t be able to collect the damages due to you: A woman in Flagler County recently received a judgment valued at $4.3 in a texting and driving case.

The case goes all the way back to 2010, when 26-year-old Cacilia Carter’s then boyfriend, Joseph O’Guin, was operating a vehicle while texting. Apparently because of his texting, he lost control of the vehicle and ran a stop sign, which caused him to collide with a tractor trailer.

Even though Ms. Carter was a passenger in O’Guin’s vehicle, the fact that O’Guin was found to be at fault for the accident led to the significant judgment for Carter. Ms. Carter suffered severe permanent brain injury as a result of the accident.
What Were The Main Factors Involved In This Unusual Case?
First and foremost, it’s important to realize that Ms. Carter is permanently and totally disabled according to statements made by her... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Why You Need Experienced Trial Attorneys To Protect You From Insurance Companies

Why You Need Experienced Trial Attorneys To Protect You From Insurance CompaniesShort of the IRS, your insurance company is probably one of the organizations that you would least like to have to deal with in court.

Unfortunately, many personal injury cases and even wrongful death cases will require you to go “toe to toe” with insurance firms -- both your own and those representing other parties.

Lawyers for insurance companies often believe that they can get plaintiffs to agree to relatively minor settlements.

However, you should be wary of any early settlement offers, especially if:

You have ongoing health problems as a result of an accident, especially back or neck issues.
You have sustained traumatic brain injury that will require ongoing care on a permanent basis.
You have had to miss work or have lost other opportunities as a direct result of an injury.
You have suffered emotional pain and suffering in addition to physical discomfort.
There are other complicating factors in your case that you are not entirely sure about.

Insurance Companies Can Talk Tough, But Are Scared To Death Of One Factor
In a personal injury case,... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Involved In A Slip And Fall? There Are More Types Of Slip And Fall Than You May Realize

Involved In A Slip And Fall? There Are More Types Of Slip And Fall Than You May RealizeWhen you are recovering from a slip and fall accident in Florida, it may be difficult for you to ascertain just how strong your case might be.

There are many different circumstances under which a slip and fall might be deemed to be partially or totally the fault of another party, particularly a business.

Even if you believe that you might have been at fault in your slip and fall, it is important to examine all of the angles of a case and bring it to a qualified attorney.

Slip and fall lawyers in Florida can help you to evaluate whether your accident may have been the result of another person’s negligence.

In fact, that is one of the main factors in any slip and fall: Someone has acted negligently, by not doing something that they should have or by doing something that they shouldn’t have.
Taking A Quick Glance At Some Of The Many Different Kinds Of Slip And Fall
It’s... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Recent $4 Million Judgment In Flagler County Shows Importance Of Truck Accident Lawyers

Recent $4 Million Judgment In Flagler County Shows Importance Of Truck Accident LawyersA recent judgment out of Flagler County has underlined just how important it is for professional truck drivers to have adequate representation by skilled Florida truck accident lawyers.

A Flagler County woman, now aged 26, was awarded more than $4 million following a vehicle accident. She was a passenger in one of the vehicles in the crash; the vehicles involved were a mid-sized car and a tractor trailer.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for people to assume that the tractor trailer driver would be the one at fault in such a situation, even without hearing any of the other details of the case.

Of course, this story has a very different outcome -- one that some people might not expect.

The Truck Driver Was Never At Fault In This $4 Million Accident That Changed Lives

In this scenario, it was the driver of the vehicle the plaintiff was in who was deemed at fault.

That individual, the plaintiff’s boyfriend at the time, was texting while driving. As a direct result, the... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

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