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Why Is Florida Auto Insurance So Expensive?

Why Is Florida Auto Insurance So Expensive?Florida drivers pay the highest auto insurance premiums in the country, a whopping 25% higher than drivers in other states. On average a Florida driver pays $1,654 per year, $356 more than most Americans. Furthermore, Florida insurance premiums are steadily rising at 5% annually, costing Florida drivers big money. So why is the cost of insurance so high in Florida? What factors have lead to this being the most costly state for auto insurance?
Florida Has The Most Dangerous Highway In America
Interstate I-95 which runs the length of the Eastern coast of Florida is the most dangerous highway in the United States. On this 382 mile stretch there is an average of 1.73 accidents per mile. On average there are 1,731 accidents per year with 573 injuries and 25 fatalities. The most dangerous stretch of this highway is the Fuller Warren Bridge in Jacksonville. Everyday there are 100,000 vehicles that cross this bridge leading to an average of almost 300 accidents every year. This dangerous highway is part of the reason Florida auto insurance is so costly.
Florida Has The Highest Percentage Of Fatal Distracted Driving Accidents
Distracted... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Can Police Look At A Phone After An Accident?

Can Police Look At A Phone After An Accident?When an automobile accident occurs, one of the first things that everyone, be it victims, lawyers, insurance companies or the law will want to know is the cause of the accident. There are only a few recurring causes for accidents in most automobile cases, and while drunk driving is, thankfully, continuing to decrease as a common cause, distracted driving, for better or for worse, is on the rise, seemingly getting ready to take drunk driving’s place in the most common automobile-related tragedy on the road.

But there is one critical difference. A drunk driving accident can be easily traced in terms of cause. If a police officer on the scene has even the tiniest suspicion that one of the drivers involved in the accident may be drunk, that officer has full legal power to demand a test for sobriety. All drivers MUST accept a sobriety test as a form of “implied consent,” when they accepted their license to drive. Should a driver refuse to comply with a sobriety test for alcohol in their system, they face the suspension of their license. The law,... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

4 Reasons Pedestrians Should Tread Lightly

4 Reasons Pedestrians Should Tread LightlyWhen you’re walking along the road and all you have to protect yourself is a layer of clothing, you should remember to keep your eyes and ears open. You may be safe enough on the sidewalk to send texts, read, or listen to music, but not every road has a sidewalk, and few sidewalks can completely avoid traffic intersections. If you’re planning on enjoying Florida’s beautiful weather by wandering through the streets of Tampa, Orlando, or Sarasota, make sure you remember the following rules of the road and stay safe:

1. Pedestrians Walk On The Left Shoulder

No matter what, you always stick to the right side of the road – that is, unless you’re on foot. Assuming there’s no sidewalk (and if there is then legally speaking you should be on it), pedestrians are supposed to walk on the left side of the road. This allows pedestrians and vehicles to be more aware of each other as they pass. As for why this applies to pedestrians and not to anything else like a bicycle, the answer is simple: when you’re on... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

4 Tips For A TBI Plaintiff

4 Tips For A TBI PlaintiffBrain injuries are rough to say the least. They’re hard to diagnose, they can take their time showing up, they can even be impossible to identify when they’re staring you in the face, and insurance companies are often all too eager to use the ambiguity of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) to get away with a small settlement. If you want to avoid being written off as a faker, you should keep the following tips in mind:

1. Get A Second Opinion And Seek Out Advanced Brain Scans

All too often a brain injury won’t show up on an MRI or CT scan, and a doctor who’s used to relying on just these now-basic technologies may pronounce you fit as a fiddle even though you, your family, and your friends all know there is something significantly wrong. Fortunately, there are a variety of more powerful and specialized tests which can spot unusual details, so if at first you don’t succeed, try until something shows up.

2. Document And Keep Everything

No matter what kind of case you’re looking at, you’ll be sure... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

How Does A Settlement Factor Into Tax Time?

How Does A Settlement Factor Into Tax Time?The reason you start up a personal injury case is because you, your property, or both have been physically or emotionally damaged, and as such you deserve to be compensated for things like medical bills, lost income, repairs and replacements, pain and suffering, and so on. But since a settlement is a kind of income of its own, it’s worth asking whether it’s taxable or not and to what extent. Fortunately, at least when it comes to personal injury settlements, the news is mostly good.
Compensation Isn’t Taxable
That’s right. The money you receive as part of a settlement made before or after filing a case, along with the money you receive from a jury’s award, is all tax-free when it involves a physical injury to yourself or your property. The IRS has held to this policy for decades, and generally speaking the states have followed suit. Since this kind of settlement is meant to replace what you’ve unfairly lost, it isn’t considered a real form of income.

On the other hand, other kinds of settlements are taxable.... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Why Start A Personal Injury Case?

Why Start A Personal Injury Case?The United States legal system can be messy, complicated, and more than a little confusing, to the point where even legal experts can have problems with keeping every last detail straight and recalling every last case history which has some precedent related to the case at hand. On top of that, every state has a slightly different set of laws and precedents, making the matter even more difficult.

So why subject yourself to that? Why jump through all the assorted hoops that take you from filing a case to presenting it in front of a jury? What’s worth spending all that time and effort?
It’s All About Compensation
The criminal justice system is all about discovering who is guilty of a certain crime and punishing them so that they’ll regret what happened and avoid doing something similar again. On the other hand, the civil judicial system is about making sure that a person who causes damage to someone else or to that person’s property has to pay for it. A person can be at fault and thus have... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Floridians Spend A Lot On Car Insurance Without Getting Much

Floridians Spend A Lot On Car Insurance Without Getting MuchHigh car insurance rates have been a persistent problem for a long time in Florida. There are a variety of reasons for these high rates: uninsured drivers, persistent fraud, a lot of car accidents (often thanks to streets clogged by vacation season), and then there’s the fact that Florida is one of a small number of states which require personal injury protection (PIP) insurance to go with their regular policy. Put all these factors together and it’s clear that Florida auto insurance leaves a lot to be desired.
Don’t Get In An Accident
A few months ago, released a study which points to Florida as being the most expensive state in the Union when it comes to auto accidents. Reportedly, a full 23.8 percent of Florida drivers don’t carry insurance, and for those that do the minimum coverage is so low that you’ll likely wind up paying for a large portion of your repairs out-of-pocket even if you are covered. Specifically, the minimum property damage liability coverage is just $10,000, which doesn’t... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Volkswagen Scandal Raises Questions Of Who’s Liable For Air Pollution Health Problems

Who’s To Blame For Air Pollution?The recent hubbub over the way Volkswagen cheated on its emissions tests has led some environmental scientists to calculate the likely human cost of all that extra pollution: between higher cancer rates and respiratory failures, one estimate places the number at 106 deaths.

Still, that’s not a number which VW has to directly account for, and none of those 106 affected families will ever step forward and claim that it was Volkswagen exhaust that ended their loved one’s life. Background pollution may cause air quality problems, but it’s impossible to blame any single contributor outside of certain specific circumstances.
A National First
Recently, a couple who go by Charles and Debra Hale filed a civil complaint against a wood pellet shipping company and against their hometown of Panama City. They create too much dust, the Hales say, dust which isn’t being properly neutralized and has thus reached their home and their lungs. According to state and federal records, this may very well be the first time anyone’s gone after a company specifically on the grounds of air pollution.

Still, in this case it should... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Software Is Growing As A Reason For Vehicle Recalls

Software Is Growing As A Reason For Vehicle RecallsEven according to the most generous of estimates, completely self-driving cars are still some years away from becoming commercial. On the other hand, self-correcting cars are here right now, and there are thousands of luxury cars (and even some affordable vehicles) with advanced systems which can do more than simply warn the driver. These systems include:

Automatic cruise control. This system can detect when traffic ahead is slowing down and can automatically slow down to match. It can’t stop in a hurry, however.
Emergency forward braking. This is sort of like automatic cruise control except that in this case it can stop in a hurry. However, emergency braking systems aren’t designed to bring a vehicle from highway speeds to a dead stop so much as they’re meant to start braking in the time it takes for a human to react.
Lane keep assists. Some cars will warn you if you’re about to go over a dividing line and you don’t have your turn signal on, but this system goes one step further. If it detects that the... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Beach Safety And Premises Liability

Beach Safety And Premises LiabilityFlorida has over 1000 miles of coastline, and for the most part what you’ll find along the coast are beautiful white sand beaches. From the westernmost edge of the panhandle down to the Keys and back up again to Jacksonville, you can find public beaches, private beaches, abandoned beaches, and the wild beaches of natural parks.
Beach Flags
Starting in 2004, Florida implemented a system of uniform flags which can warn potential swimmers of the local surf conditions. Before then, public beaches would use their own particular system to warn visitors, and since the system could be completely different the next beach over, the public would often get confused. Thus, Florida created and then popularized a standard system of warning flags which run from double-red (water closed to public) to green (low hazard) with a special purple flag to indicate dangerous marine life.

However, using this flag system isn’t mandatory, and failing to use them does not make the public beach liable for any drownings or other accidents which may occur from unsafe surf conditions or riptides. That said, a beach which does choose to... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

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