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In A Wrongful Death Case, A Good Trial Attorney Is Your Best Ally

In A Wrongful Death Case, A Good Trial Attorney Is Your Best AllyA wrongful death case represents one of the most tragic experiences that any family member can go through. In addition to losing your loved one, you face the uncertainty of a court battle that could be long and complex, all while you are mourning a very important loss.

For spouses and children, a wrongful death case can represent an even more troubling situation. You might be facing a sudden loss of income that will make it difficult for you to pay for your needs. Many people, even with the best of intentions, do not have life insurance.

In such a stressful and trying situation, it might feel like a good idea to accept any offer that the insurance company or the person responsible for the accident provides to you. However, you should never make such a momentous decision on the spur of the moment.

In a wrongful death case, a trial attorney is the ally you need in order to get a settlement that will truly provide some degree of... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Whole Foods And Wal-Mart Among Recent Plaintiffs In Slip And Fall Accident Cases

Whole Foods And Wal-Mart Among Recent Plaintiffs In Slip And Fall Accident CasesSlip and fall accidents happen on a regular basis all throughout the United States. A slip and fall can take place in a private home, in a business, or outdoors in an area controlled by the public.

The major element that has to be established in a slip and fall case is negligence -- that someone failed, by action or inaction, to deal with a hazard that contributed to the slip and fall accident.

Logically, you would expect the conditions that might cause a slip and fall to arise periodically at a large retailer. Indeed, there have been several cases lately where retailers may have failed to uphold their obligations, and are currently in court.

“Big Box” Stores And Other Commercial Entities Are Required To Protect Your Safety

On September 2 of 2014, it was reported that Wal-Mart had made a statement denying liability in a recent slip and fall suit out of Madison County. A man from that area claimed that he had slipped on a “wet foreign substance” and... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Did You Know? Florida Is The Cruise Ship Lawsuit Capital Of The United States

Did You Know? Florida Is The Cruise Ship Lawsuit Capital Of The United StatesThanks to its beautiful weather and world famous beaches, Florida is one of the most sought after destinations in the world when it comes to taking a cruise. In fact, millions of people from all over the world will visit Florida for some period of time each year while on a cruise.

Floridians themselves also enjoy cruises. One of the most popular cruises that people embark on from the ports of Tampa or Fort Lauderdale is the cruise to the Bahamas, which can last several days or even more than a week.

However, recent events have definitely shown that there are some risks when it comes to going on a cruise ship. You should be aware of these before your trip and alert to any problems that might unfold while you are on board.

The extreme popularity of cruising has led to an interesting situation for Florida: It is not only one of the biggest hubs when it comes to cruising, but is also considered the cruise lawsuit... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Understanding The Role Of Legal Assistants In Your Florida Personal Injury Suit

Did you know that not every aspect of your case is necessarily handled by a senior attorney? The big difference when it comes to law firms and lawyers is exactly how many hours of work from a senior attorney you get -- and what he or she does on your behalf.

Every law firm in Florida and throughout the United States makes use of some legal assistants. However, you should never be put into a situation where a legal assistant is your main point of contact. They simply aren’t experienced enough for that kind of role!

Even if you never speak to a legal assistant within the law firm of your choice, they’re often working on your behalf behind the scenes. Let’s find out a little bit more on the subject.
All About Legal Assistants And Your Case
Legal assistants -- also known as paralegals -- are men and women who have trained to become familiar with fundamental legal tasks such as filing briefs. They are not lawyers, but they gain a level of expertise that gives them an advantage if they should go to law school in the future.

Good legal assistants are highly valuable to any team of senior attorneys. In addition to... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Brain Injury Lawyers Needed More Than Ever As Doctors Uncover More TBI Evidence

Brain Injury Lawyers Needed More Than EverThousands of people are in accidents each and every year that cause them to develop traumatic brain injury. Although most people think of the word “traumatic” in the context of the word “serious,” the term “traumatic brain injury” refers to any brain injury sustained by a blow to the brain or collision between the skull and the brain.

Traumatic brain injuries are permanent, in the sense that the damage to the brain can never be reversed. In some cases, the brain may gradually delegate functions from the damaged areas to the undamaged areas of the brain, but this is not guaranteed.

Brain injuries completely transform the lives of those who are affected -- most of whom are the victims of accidents. However, doctors are now realizing that TBI could be more common than ever believed before.
The Hunt For The Truth About TBI Began In An Unexpected Place
TBI is something that millions of people around the U.S. deal with along with their families and loved ones. However, public awareness of TBI has begun to rise in an unexpected place: The NFL.

It was... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Florida Attorney General Fight Could Impact Legal Consumers In The Sunshine State

Florida Attorney General Fight Could Impact Legal Consumers In The Sunshine StateAs you already know, we are entering a very important election season here in the state of Florida. Not only will high-profile candidates like Rick Scott and Charlie Crist square off to become governor, but many other important roles in the state government will be filled.

One of these is the role of attorney general. The attorney general is the “top lawyer” in the state. He or she serves as a top legal advisor to members of the state legislature. Likewise, he or she is considered the “people’s lawyer” who represents the people when harm befalls them.

In situations where cases are rendered as “The State vs. ...,” the attorney general is the top representative of the state, although he or she may not be personally involved in all cases.

The attorney general also has a tremendous amount of influence in terms of meeting with the top executives of states and with lawmakers. The perspective that they provide in this role can begin the process of influencing what laws are made, amended,... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Take Care When Driving On I-75 To Minimize The Risk Of Injury

Take Care When Driving On I-75 To Minimize The Risk Of InjuryThe interstate highway system is one of the quintessential achievements in the history of the United States of America. It is also one of the things that makes this great land easy to travel.

However, some areas of the interstate highways are notorious for serious injury and other issues. One of the most significant areas of concern is I-75 as it runs through the state of Florida.

I-75 passes through some of the most densely populated urban centers in Florida. Likewise, it is very heavily trafficked by people from all over the United States during the winter months.

With all these issues in mind, it’s important to drive carefully on I-75 at all times.

I-75 Is One Of The Most Dangerous Highways Not Just In Florida, But In The U.S.

Traffic levels in I-75 are some of the heaviest in the United States, and have been practically since the inception of the highway decades ago. As it wends its way from Florida all the way to the border of Canada, much of I-75... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

If You Don’t Feel Like You Can Trust Your Lawyer, Look For A New One

When You Need Legal Assistance, Be Sure To Use The Name You Can TrustIn many situations in Florida and elsewhere, choosing a lawyer can be a difficult and stressful task. However, it’s important that you take time to “follow your instincts” in this key matter.

Not only should you do as much research as you can and compare different lawyers, but you should also get a feel for whether or not you believe you can work well with an attorney.

Legal knowledge isn’t the only important aspect to being an effective attorney in Florida. Lawyers in Florida who achieve the most for their clients are able to provide the human touch.

The very first step for that important connection is making time to talk to you about your case, even before you decide to use a particular law firm. That consultation can tell you a great deal.
Is Your Lawyer Someone You Are Ready To Work With On The Long Term?
When you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you may be fighting in court for months or even years in... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Injury Lawyers Can Help You To Achieve Successful Settlements

Every once in a while, a case takes place that redefines how people think about wrongful injury. One of those cases recently received a verdict that’s on everyone’s lips. A 26-year-old Flagler County woman received a judgment in excess of $4 million after a car wreck.

The auto accident was caused by her then-boyfriend, who was texting while driving as she was a passenger in the vehicle. Due to the texting, the driver ran a stop sign and collided with a tractor trailer, resulting in major, permanent brain injury for the young woman.

The woman is permanently disabled and will likely require some form of care for the rest of her life. Likewise, it’s unknown exactly how much of the record settlement she may be able to receive. Nonetheless, the legal victory makes an important statement to victims.
Courts And Juries Understand The Seriousness Of Traumatic Brain Injuries
Of the wrongful injury cases that have resulted in the largest settlements, traumatic brain injury is second only to wrongful death in terms of the amount that a plaintiff may be able to receive.

Traumatic brain injury has a permanent effect on every aspect of an individual’s life: Its seriousness simply cannot be overstated. Not only do... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are In The News More Often Than Ever

Traumatic Brain Injuries Are In The News More Often Than EverTraumatic brain injuries are in headlines more frequently now than they ever were before thanks to the dawning realization that so many members of society are at risk of severe brain trauma.

The renaissance of understanding TBI began with the understanding that many, if not most, professional football players and boxers in the U.S. were at significant risk of developing TBI during their careers.

From there, it was not long before people began looking at the role and risks of TBI in their own lives. Even children who participate in athletics at a high level for their age could be setting themselves up for a higher risk of TBI.

However, even with the precautions that are becoming more common in society, it’s still true that some of the most serious TBIs are caused by accidental injuries -- like automotive accidents and even “slip and fall.”
Millions Of Dollars In Research Is Going Toward TBI, But Sufferers Still Need Help
A lot of the news around TBI recently has been promising:

Abbott Labs just secured a $19.5... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

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