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A Closer Look At Slip And Fall Injuries And You

A Closer Look At Slip And Fall Injuries And YouAmong the relatively large scope of personal injury law are numerous more specific areas that a case could focus on. Within that umbrella, the most misunderstood, unfairly maligned, and generally confusing areas is certainly that of a slip and fall case. Thanks to the internet making it seem as though every case is frivolous and that those seeking compensation are just greedy, it can be hard to understand the facts about a slip and fall injury and what it means to you.

First things first – if you're injured in a slip and fall accident that wasn't your fault, you need to contact an attorney. No matter what you might think, the reality is that these accidents can have huge impacts on your life, and not for the better.
They can lead to things like:

· Loss of wages as you recover
· Large medical bills
· Personal suffering
· Stress
· Depression
· Disability
· And more

It can be difficult to recover after an injury, and if it's not your fault then you deserve the restitution that you're owed. But just what do you need to... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

A Closer Look At Marijuana And Auto Accidents

A Closer Look At Marijuana And Auto AccidentsWith millions of people travelling on Florida roads every day, it's no surprise that accidents do happen on a regular basis. If you're unfortunate enough to find yourself involved in an accident, you'll need to take a wide range of steps in order to ensure that you are able to recover from it properly. If the accident wasn't your fault, getting help could be more possible than you might think.

Proving that the other party was at fault and that they were negligent is the main step in getting that compensation, but it's not always easy. You'll need to show that they undertook various steps that led to the accident and that those actions directly led to your injuries. One thing that deserves a closer look where fault is concerned is that of marijuana use by motorists.

Drinking and driving has been an issue on roads for years, and while marijuana use isn't rare, it's beginning to get a new increase in popularity due to the fact that numerous states have legalized its use for medical purposes.... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Latest News On Brain Injuries Suggests Greater Need For Trained Brain Injury Lawyers

Latest News On Brain Injuries Suggests Greater Need For Trained Brain Injury LawyersAfter a long period of being relatively unknown and deeply misunderstood, brain injuries are becoming an issue that is being studied more frequently by medical professionals.

As more information emerges about the risks and origins of traumatic brain injury, it is growing obvious that a much wider segment of the population is at risk than was once thought.

The modern focus on traumatic brain injury began in professional sports, most noticeably within the NFL. A risk to players was obvious, but it still took many years before a consensus emerged that greater medical knowledge was necessary.

From those first studies, research is emerging that shows just how easy it is for the average person to end up in a situation that causes traumatic brain injury. In fact, the accident that leads to the brain injury may seem relatively mild at the time.
Whenever You’re In An Accident, You Could Be At Risk Of TBI
It hardly needs to be said that the brain is an exceptionally complex and delicate apparatus.

The... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Who Pays When You Are In An Accident Caused By Someone Without Insurance?

Who Pays When You Are In An Accident Caused By Someone Without Insurance?One of the most significant legal challenges in any accident case is overcoming the resistance of the insurance companies involved and making sure that they ultimately pay out their fair share in regards to any accident.

People who have been victimized by the careless driving of others often depend upon money from an insurer in order to make certain that they have the funds they need to achieve a full recovery and offset the lost work that they might suffer.

After an automotive collision, then, victims can find that they have two major adversaries:

• The insurance company of the responsible party
• Their own insurance company

At Get Me Justice, we frequently face insurance companies in court. Since they are well aware of our reputation for fighting to the end, they are less likely to deploy bullying tactics or try to confuse our clients with settlement offers that are not beneficial.

There is another possibility, however: The chance that you will be involved in an accident with someone who does not... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Nasty Winter Weather Leads To Growth In Slip And Fall Cases Nationwide

Nasty Winter Weather Leads To Growth In Slip And Fall Cases NationwideHere in Florida, one thing that we don’t have to worry about often is snow. However, the weather can have a tremendous impact on the legal landscape in ways you wouldn’t expect.

For example, commentators from around the United States are pointing out that severe weather in December has contributed to a noticeable spike in slip and fall accident cases. This is perhaps most noticeable in the northeast, but is likely to be true throughout the Midwest, too.

Citizens are within their rights to pursue damages for slip and fall accidents relating to snow if they can prove that municipal authorities, contractors, or other responsible parties have been negligent in removing snow from areas where they should have, contributing to the accident.

Of course, since we don’t often see snow in Florida, nothing similar happens here.

Or does it?
Yes, Rainfall Can Contribute To A Rise In Slip And Fall Accident Cases, Too
Believe it or not, it’s been more than nine years since a major hurricane made landfall in Florida. It may... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Ten South Florida Attorneys Reprimanded In Connection With Various Issues

Ten South Florida Attorneys Reprimanded In Connection With Various IssuesIn order to effectively serve their clients, attorneys have to uphold a very strong standard of ethical behavior. Unethical attorneys are not able to judge the merits of a legal case and to execute a strategy on behalf of their clients that will satisfy the demands of the law.

Not all legal consumers realize that there are several bodies in place to make sure attorneys are held to this excellent standard. At the most fundamental level, for example, there is the state bar association -- the organization that helps determine who may or may not practice law in a state.

An attorney’s career formally begins with passing a state bar exam in the state where he or she intends to practice. From that point forward, the attorney enters into a relationship with the state bar organization that brings significant obligations with it.

Beyond that, courts at all levels are empowered to take action if there is reason to believe that an attorney is not behaving in an ethical manner consistent with the demands of... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

The Many Sides To Accident Fault

The Many Sides To Accident FaultFlorida is one of the most visited locations in the entire country, and while its roads are designed to be as safe as possible the sheer number of people traveling on the highways and side roads means that there is simply no way to avoid the fact that accidents will occur. And if you're injured in an accident, one of the biggest challenges you'll likely face is getting past the serious financial impact that can come about as a result of your injuries.

Seeking financial compensation is something that's worth considering, but it's also important to understand that it can be difficult at times to prove that you're actually owed financial compensation for your injuries. The key to proving this is showing that the other party was at fault. This usually involves showing negligence and recklessness on their part. But while that sounds fairly simple, there are many different sides to accident fault.

One thing worth understanding is that a single person may not always be the sole party to be held accountable. In fact, in many instances it's often... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

The Top Reasons You Need A Good Attorney If You Are Injured

The Top Reasons You Need A Good Attorney If You Are InjuredBeing injured can have a significant impact on your life – and not for the better. An injury can mean a lot to you, including lost wages, pain and suffering, and huge medical bills. You'll have a physical recovery to go through as well as a financial one, and if the accident that led to your injuries wasn't your fault you may also be entitled to financial compensation.

However, getting that financial compensation isn't always easy to do. You need to turn to a competent, trustworthy legal professional to get you the kind of restitution you deserve. Far too many people assume that they can secure their own settlement or that it's a good idea to accept the first settlement offer they're given. There are actually numerous reasons you should look into finding a good personal injury lawyer. Those reasons include the following.

• For starters, they'll have a major impact on the outcome of the case. The simple fact is that the results a lawyer will provide to... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Understanding How Settlement Amounts Are Determined

Understanding How Settlement Amounts Are DeterminedPersonal injury law is a branch of the legal field that is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. It goes far beyond just one single type of injury or one type of accident, and today there are many different outcomes to any given personal injury case. Of course, the primary thing to understand is that you have the right to consider seeking compensation for your injuries if you meet basic requirements. In particular, you'll need to show that the other party was the case of your accident through their own reckless or negligent behavior.

There is plenty of information available about just what constitutes negligent behavior, but it's important to pay attention to something that is often overlooked – exactly how settlement amounts are determined. A lot of different variables can go into this, and it's well worth learning more about just what influences the amount of money that you may be awarded.

Of course, your lawyer will likely help you understand more about just what your settlement could potentially be. But taking a look at the different things that will impact... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

The Essentials Of Slip And Fall Injuries

What You Should Know About Slip And Fall Injuries Slip and fall injuries are all too common, and despite efforts to prevent them they are actually increasing in prevalence due to several factors. A slip and fall injury refers to any kind of injury that is caused by a fall, usually due to things like wet spots on the floor, frozen areas, or damaged walking areas.

If you're injured in a slip and fall, one of the most important things you can do is speak to a competent legal team. A good attorney will be able to help you figure out whether or not you have the grounds to seek financial compensation for your injuries. The reasons are simple – a good attorney can help you get the settlement that you deserve, eliminate a lot of the stress from the process, and ensure that you are compensated as quickly as possible.

One thing worth understanding is that not all injuries will immediately be apparent when you slip and fall. It can take hours or even days for some injuries to manifest... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

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