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How And Why To Get A Car Crash Lawyer

Car Crash LawyerIt's interesting that more people are afraid of flying than of driving – especially when you consider that automobile accidents make up far more injuries and deaths each year than flying related accidents. In Florida alone there were more than 281,000 traffic crashes in 2012, an increase of more than 23% over the previous year. Over 2,200 of these are fatal, and just under 131,000 lead to injuries. And thanks to Florida's PIP laws, getting help after an accident can be tricky. Because of this, Florida resident regularly turn to car crash lawyers to get help.

The reasons to get help from a car crash lawyer are obvious, and really come down to financial compensation. There are two main types of financial compensation that a victim can be awarded under Florida personal injury law:

  • Compensatory Damages – These are the primary damages awarded and are designed to offset any financial costs incurred as a result of a car crash. These awards are based on things like medical treatment bills, physical therapy costs, lost wages from missing hours at work, and more.

  • Punitive Damages – These are generally seen as a kind of punishment that penalizes those who are at fault in the hopes that it will dissuade them from acting negligently in the future.

Of course, most insurance companies that are attempting to pay for injuries and damage caused as a result of a car crash will have a team of legal professionals on their side and will usually attempt to settle out of court for a much lower amount than they actually owe. People settle for these lower sums assuming that they will get no better offer without realizing that with a competent car crash lawyer on their side, their options would be much better.

There are other reasons beyond just money to seek the help of a car crash lawyer including:

  • Less stress – Instead of having to constantly worry about finances, it's easy to focus on recovery while a law firm handles the stressful red tape involved in getting you compensation.

  • Better results – The law team simply has a better knowledge of personal injury law and will be able to get better overall results for you and your case.

  • No Bullying – Insurance companies frequently feel like they can bully those who are injured. With an attorney on your side, this isn't as big of a problem.

It's obvious that you need to get the help of a car crash lawyer to help with your compensation case, but finding one isn't always as easy. There are numerous ones available, and you need to choose wisely. Take a look at a few different things when selecting your attorney. Look at their overall level of experience, their history and willingness to take cases to trial when needed, and their reputation in general.

You should also be sure to use an attorney that actually allows you to have a free consultation instead of charging you for your initial meeting. Good law firms only charge based on whether or not they get you a settlement and it's in your best interest to avoid those that don't take cases on contingency.

We've been helping Florida residents for years, and have built a reputation for standing up to the insurance companies and getting the best level of compensation. In fact, we get millions in compensation for our clients every year. With offices in Bradenton, Venice, Tampa, Sarasota, and throughout the state, we're always ready to help. Contact us for a free consultation to get started getting what you are owed.

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In Florida a department store, grocery store, any type of business establishment, commercial or residential property owners, can fix a problem or dangerous condition on its premises after a person has been injured because of that dangerous condition and the jury never be told? Even though by fixing the dangerous condition after the injury the defendant is basically admitting it was dangerous, Florida law prohibits the entry of that important information as evidence.

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