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Bicycle Accidents Happen, But Florida Residents Don't Have To Face The Aftermath Alone

 Bicycle Accidents Happen, But Florida Residents Don't Have To Face The Aftermath AloneUnless a person has been hiding out in a secure, underground bunker somewhere for the past decade, they know that car ownership can get pretty pricey. Aside from the initial vehicle purchase, the buyer must also obtain insurance, pay for maintenance, and fill up the tank time and time again. Just thinking about the price of gas these days is enough to make a person cringe. All of these things contribute to more and more people finding alternate forms of transportation. Therefore, many Florida residents are turning to their bicycles to travel between locations. Additionally, tourists regularly rent bikes and ride them throughout the area.

The exercise does the body good, and it helps people stay healthy and fit. Bikes are also beneficial tools for assisting folks in going green as they do not send contaminants into the atmosphere. However, with so many riders gathering in the vicinity, bicycle accidents are becoming regular occurrences. While crashing one of the two-wheelers might not seem like too big of a deal, when cars get involved, the incidents leave people with severe injuries. Damages... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

A Reliable Motorcycle Accident Lawyer For When Incidents Arise

A Reliable Motorcycle Accident Lawyer For When Incidents AriseFlorida plays host to many motorcycle rallies throughout the year. Events are scheduled for different days and months, like the Spring Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally 2018, which is set to take place from 5/2/2018 to 5/6/2018 at Panama City Beach. Even though it is April, much of the nation continues to experience cold temperatures and inclement weather. However, it is warm and sunny here, so riders are regularly seen taking their bikes out for spins. As these events transpire though, there will be more and more motorcycles on the roadways, which means the chances of a crash happening increases.

Riders themselves and other vehicle operators must practice driving defensively, staying focused, and remain aware of their surroundings to keep the roads safe. Unfortunately, even practicing the safest techniques does not prevent all accidents from happening. People can not plan for blowouts, obstacles in the street, and many other things that lead to crashes. So, regardless of who is at fault, always keep a cool head and render first aid as necessary. It is highly likely that these people are just as shaken up by the event... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

7 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Personal Injury Claims

 7 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Personal Injury Claims You’ve been involved in an accident, you report the accident to your insurance provider, and while recovering from those injuries you learn that the worst has happened – your insurance company has denied your personal injury claim. There are several reasons why insurance companies deny claims, and when you’ve been injured in an accident, this will require the assistance of an experienced Florida personal injury attorney in order to get the compensation you deserve. 7 reasons why insurance companies may deny personal injury claims are:


• You’ve missed a monthly premium – Most people believe that missing a monthly premium is something that in and of itself is difficult to miss. However, many people injured in Florida accidents learn quickly that this isn’t always the case. When switching insurance companies it can be easy to get confused as to when your current insurance coverage has ended and a new policy has begun. If the accident occurs during this lapse, your previous provider may deny your claim for no longer holding said policy, and your new provider may deny the claim due to new... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

Understanding The Truth About A Fair Personal Injury Settlement

Understanding The Truth About A Fair Personal Injury SettlementWhen you're injured in an accident, your recovery will be the single most important focus in your life for some time. But, it's important to understand that you may have to recover in a physical and financial sense. Medical professionals offer help with your healing, but what about your financial recovery?

Seeking a settlement through a personal injury case is one of the only ways to get a full recovery, and even those filing a claim with their own insurance company may end up discovering that it can be difficult to reach a point where you can make a total financial recovery. As such, getting help is important. However, it all starts with understanding the different truths about a personal injury lawsuit and your settlement.
The Truth About Those Settlement Offers
The biggest thing that injured victims need to keep in mind is that those initial settlement offers you may receive from an insurance company are very likely to be too good to be true. The reason? Because they're usually an offer that is made to try to get you to accept it on the rounds that you... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Is Your Attorney Willing To Go To Trial?

is your attorney willing to go to trialFor the average person, the understanding of lawsuits is seems pretty straightforward. If you’ve been injured through the negligence of someone else, you naturally want that person or company to be held accountable for their actions. Going to trial for a civil lawsuit is the way to do that, and this means engaging the services of an accident lawyer, or some other kind of personal injury attorney. The important thing, however, is that this person represents your case, and argues it to the jury, convincing that jury that your case is sound, and you deserve the financial damages you are suing for.

But it may surprise you to know that even though this is the common perception, there are lawyers out there—quite successful ones—that spend the majority of their time not going to court, and advise their clients against it. There are reasons why such lawyers feel this way, but you may not agree with their reasoning. So why would a lawyer spend all those years attending law school, getting certified, joining a legal practice, and then avoid the courtroom? Here are the reasons.
Less Risk
The reality of... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Uber Is Backpedaling After A Self-Driving Fatality

 Uber Is Backpedaling After A Self-Driving FatalityAn unfortunate Arizona woman may have the distinction of being the first person killed by a self-driving car thanks to a collision in mid-March. The SUV in question was an Uber vehicle and driving 40 in a 35 zone, nothing too crazy. Still, it was fast enough to kill someone as she was walking her bike across the road at night.

By all indications, the Uber SUV didn’t so much as slow down before the collision. On the other hand, while the vehicle was in its autonomous mode it also had a driver sitting behind the wheel. The driver was there as a safeguard, to prevent this sort of thing from happening, but since it did it’s all but certain the driver also didn’t notice the pedestrian before it was too late.
Self-Driving Liability
This recent accident in Arizona once again brings up the question of who exactly is at fault when an autonomous vehicle crashes or hurts someone. Should the person behind the wheel have been paying more attention and reacted fast enough to stop or mitigate the accident? Do the companies that designed and implemented the... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

The Miami Bridge Collapse Deaths Might Have Been Avoidable

The Miami Bridge Collapse Deaths Might Have Been AvoidableEarlier this March near Miami, a pedestrian bridge over US-41 collapsed onto the road below and killed six people. And while that’s the main issue, the bridge also destroyed several cars, ruined the road beneath it, and blocked traffic for days as rescue workers cleared 950 tons of wreckage and recovered the remaining bodies.

The pedestrian bridge was a recent addition to the highway, a way for people to walk between Florida International University and nearby Sweetwater without crossing the busy highway directly. The main span had only gone up five days before the accident, which means the accident wasn’t a matter of ordinary wear and tear. Something was seriously wrong with the bridge’s construction, and it’s very likely we’ll see six wrongful death lawsuits (or one class-action suit) pop up in the near future.

The Warning Signs

It’s too early yet to know exactly what happened, when, and why, but what we know at this point is already troubling. Two days before the collapse, an engineer working on the bridge noticed a crack and sent a message to a Florida Department of Transportation official, but the engineer... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Should Workers’ Compensation Cover Mental Disorders?

Should Workers’ Compensation Cover Mental Disorders?Florida’s Supreme Court made two major changes to the state’s workers’ compensation laws back in 2016. First, they extended temporary injury payments from 104 to 260 weeks, and second they lifted the restrictive lawyer compensation plan that made many Florida attorneys avoid workers’ comp cases entirely.

Business groups predicted doom and gloom regarding workers’ comp insurance premiums, but the big payouts they expected haven’t come to pass and the premium rates have gone down for 2018. As such, Florida legislators made only one change to the workers’ comp law since 2016: they’ve added PTSD as a covered condition for first responders.

The Strain Of Emergencies

For a long time, people have placed mental disorders in a separate category from physical injuries. That’s why until now workers’ compensation hasn’t covered any mental disorder or disease unless it was the result of a traumatic brain injury, and even then it would often take some convincing to get insurance companies to cover their treatment. However, people now understand more about how the brain works and what can cause mental problems, and it’s leading to more effective treatments, better medications, and more sympathy for... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

DUI Is For More Than Just Alcohol

DUI Is For More Than Just AlcoholThere’s a reason the Florida offense “driving under the influence” doesn’t have the word “alcohol” in it. It’s because alcohol isn’t the only drug that makes it harder to someone to operate a car: there are plenty of alternatives both prescription and illegal, and any drug can qualify so long as it impairs the driver’s faculties in some significant way. For instance:

 Marijuana slows your reflexes and reaction time and it can mess with your ability to judge timing and distances.
Opioids slow you down and leave you drowsy, making it hard to concentrate on the road. The same is true for a large number of other prescription drugs, and even if you have a prescription you can get in trouble for taking them and then getting behind the wheel.
LSD and other psychoactive drugs cause hallucinations, and you definitely don’t want someone behind the wheel who can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t.
Cocaine and other powerful stimulants can make it hard to concentrate on the road, plus they can make the driver more aggressive. That’s not a trait you want to see in someone driving... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

Don’t Let An Amusement Park Injury Slide

Don’t Let An Amusement Park Injury SlideFlorida is home to a lot of amusement parks. There’s Disneyworld and Universal Studios, of course, but you can find plenty of other places to ride roller coasters, race down waterslides, and otherwise have the time of your life.

Unfortunately, sometimes those fun times can end in a hurry. Not every amusement park maintains its rides at the same quality level as Disneyworld, and not every park keeps its walking areas as clean as they need to be. Thrill rides and roller coasters have a large number of safety features and backups to keep passengers safe, but that doesn’t stop accidents from happening entirely.

Duty Of Care And Duty To Follow Directions

For their part, amusement parks have a responsibility to keep their rides in safe and working condition, and if a ride breaks down they have a responsibility to keep guests from trying to ride it anyway. This is called the “duty of care,” which means that if you own something dangerous it’s your responsibility to keep people safe while it’s in use.

On the other hand, guests have a duty of their own: they have to follow the instructions... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

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