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2006 Ford Ranger Owners Should Park Their Vehicles

2006 Ford Ranger Owners Should Park Their VehiclesThe Takata air bag recall is still far from over. Not only is there a problem with manufacturing all the replacement parts the millions and millions of affected vehicles need, companies are still discovering new batches of vehicles that have faulty air bags. Now there’s a new recall, and it’s a priority: owners of the 2006 Ford Ranger and Mazda B-Series should avoid driving their vehicles anywhere unless they know their air bags are fixed.

The Takata Troubles
Takata was a Japanese company that built standardized parts for just about all the major car companies. These items included air bags, but the company cut corners and for over a decade they sold bags with faulty inflators. The inflators used a chemical that would break down when exposed to high temperature levels and high moisture over the years, and eventually if an accident happened the metal container would burst and send shrapnel into the driver’s face instead of a cloth bag.

The recalls began in 2013, and in 2014 the NHTSA expanded the recalls thanks to an investigation. The recalls came in waves since Takata manufacturing plants didn’t keep... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Why Finding A Good Lawyer Is Vital After An Accident

Florida roads are busy - among the busiest in the nation. The state is the 3rd most populated in the nation, and one of the most heavily visited by tourists and those coming into the area for business. All those people means that there is an increased risk of being involved in an auto accident, and if this happens to you, you'll need to take the right steps to make a full recovery.

Auto Accidents

One of the most important steps that you can take will be to contact a good personal injury lawyer. There are numerous reasons for this, and taking a closer look at some of the main advantages a good lawyer will provide can show you just why they're such an integral part of your recovery.

Here are just some of the main reasons you'll want a personal injury lawyer on your side after an accident occurs.

• Less Stress - Letting someone else handle the often confusing and complex field of insurance law means that you have less to worry about and can focus on your physical recovery instead of fighting with insurance companies or lawyers for the other side. Trying to... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Your Law Firm Choice Can Make Or Break A Personal Injury Case

 Your Law Firm Choice Can Make Or Break A Personal Injury CaseIn 2017, over 20-million people called Florida home, and who could blame them? The weather is usually spectacular, the beaches are magnificent, and the residents create close-knit communities. There is always something going on, as the state is home to countless amusement parks and other attractions. However, over 3-million people are hospitalized yearly for injuries that they sustained from accidents. With so many folks congregated in one location, many of these incidents will happen right here at home. The personal injury field covers a wide range of topics that include but are not limited to...


• Bicycle And Motorcycle Accidents
• Wrongful Deaths
• Slip And Fall Liability Incidents
• Workers Compensation Issues
• Automotive Accidents And More

Is Compensation In Your Future?

When disaster strikes and a person gets hurt, they may be able to receive compensation for their damages. The victim must prove that the negligent act of another party caused the injuries. Unfortunately, this task is typically easier said than done. People already have enough on their plate after accidents, and the only thing they should concern themselves with is recovering. So, hire our... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

What You Need To Know About Filing A Claim After A Slip And Fall Injury In Florida

What You Need To Know About Filing A Claim After A Slip And Fall Injury In Florida Slip and fall injuries can happen at any place and at any time within the state of Florida. You could be at work, at school, taking a walk down the street, or perusing around your favorite shops, and the next thing you know, you’re on the ground after falling victim to a hazard left behind by a negligent party. Personal injuries occurring due to slip and fall accidents can range from simple bumps and bruises all the way to traumatic brain injuries or wrongful death cases.

After a slip and fall occurs, the first thing that should be done is the seeking of medical attention. Before obtaining insurance information, before filing a claim, and before calling your attorney, it’s important to first get yourself checked out. With some slip and fall injuries, you may not realize you’ve been injured at first, or injured severely, and waiting could compromise your likelihood of getting the settlement you deserve. With traumatic brain injuries in particular, some symptoms could wait weeks to rear their head and impact your life. By... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

What Happens After Filing A Slip And Fall Injury Claim?

 What Happens After Filing A Slip And Fall Injury Claim? After you’ve been in a slip and fall accident, and you’ve filed your claim, you may be wondering what the next steps of the process will be. With the assistance of a Florida personal injury lawyer, the entire process of your claim or lawsuit will be made transparent to you, and you’ll be kept in the know with each passing step of the process. Experiencing an injury after a slip and fall is stressful enough, and adding the stress of the unknown into the equation will often simply make the situation worse.
The Demand Package
After the claim has been filed following a slip and fall, the typical first step of the process is the demand package crafted by the injured party’s attorney. This demand package will include:

• The circumstances of the accident – The circumstances of the accident will include all of the details surrounding the slip and fall accident and just how it took place. The hazard that caused the accident, how the fall occurred, and what was going on before the fall will all be covered in the details of... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Use A Proven Commodity To Get The Compensation You Deserve After A Truck Accident

Use A Proven Commodity To Get The Compensation You Deserve After A Truck AccidentThe trucking industry is an essential part of the United States economy. These vehicles and drivers transport goods nationwide from one stop to the next. They help foods, beverages, electronics, and countless other products arrive at stores, schools, offices, businesses, and homes. However, the eighteen-wheelers are enormous, especially when compared to personal cars or trucks, and there are so many of them on the roads that a person can become involved in a truck accident at any given time.

Some logistics companies are trying out self-driving vehicles, which may cut down on human error, but the technology is still in the testing phase, so who knows how it will all work out. For instance, a Tesla self-driving car was recently involved in a fatal crash, but as more experimentation commences, further incidents will surely follow. All types of car crashes are dangerous, but truck accidents are perhaps the most unforgiving kind. Passenger vehicles are just no match for the size and weight of tractor-trailers. Of course, safety features like airbags and seat belts lessen the impact, but still, participants of these... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

The Top 5 Injuries Experienced After A Slip And Fall

The Top 5 Injuries Experienced After A Slip And FallSlip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. Whether you’re at work, walking in the park, taking the dog for a walk on the sidewalk, or checking out your favorite shops, an unknown hazard can pop up leading to an accident causing injury. The injuries one may experience after a slip and fall accident can range from mild to life threatening, and the top 5 injuries experienced after a slip and fall include:


• Soft tissue injuries – Soft tissue injuries are some of the most difficult if filing a lawsuit or an insurance claim, and this is typically due to their invisible nature. In many cases, soft tissue injuries can’t be seen by the naked eye, and they don’t always cause symptoms right away. A great example of this is whiplash. Whiplash is a common soft tissue injury in auto accidents, and sometimes occurs in slip and fall accidents, and it’s one that you don’t always feel straight away.

Due to the sensitive and invisible nature of soft tissue injuries, it’s important to always be investigated by a doctor following a slip and fall accident. Waiting... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

The Most Dangerous Times To Drive On The Road

The Most Dangerous Times To Drive On The RoadBeing involved in an auto accident is enough to ruin anyone’s day, and this rings particularly true if you’ve been in an accident caused by another party’s negligence. It’s true that you’re more likely to be in an accident in certain times rather than others, but no time on the road is void of accident risk.
Regular Risk Times
There are certain points every day when you’re more likely to be in an accident than other times, and the reasons are obvious. When the roads are more congested, with more drivers travelling all at once, accident risk is higher than when the roads are empty. For this reason, rush hour is the single most common accident time on a day to day basis, when drivers are trying to get to and from work all at the same time.

Florida also sees quite a bit of precipitation, and when the skies open up and rains begin coming down, accident risk also grows higher. Even with mild road congestion, drivers will all be driving with limited visibility and slippery road conditions, which can cause fleeting moments of negligence unlikely to... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

The Lasting Effects Of Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Lasting Effects Of Moderate To Severe Traumatic Brain Injuries Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries can be caused by another party’s negligence in any number of ways. For instance, slip and fall accidents, accidents at work, motorcycle accidents, and automobile accidents are all common causes of brain injuries, even those considered to be moderate or severe. Both moderate and sever traumatic brain injuries can have lasting effects, and the most important thing to remember about TBIs as a whole is that no two will be exactly the same.

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, will vary from individual to individual due to a number of factors. The severity of the initial injury will vary, the rate of physiological healing will vary, the types of functions affected by the injury will vary, and lastly the resources available to aid function will vary between individuals as well. What this means is that two individuals who have both experienced moderate traumatic brain injuries could have two very different experiences overall.

While each case is unique with traumatic brain injuries, there are some lasting effects with moderate to severe injuries that are common across the board.
Lasting Cognitive Effects
When... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

The Hidden And Not So Hidden Dangers Of Work Environments

The Hidden And Not So Hidden Dangers Of Work Environments Thousands across Florida are injured or become ill due to their work environment every year. While many think of construction sites, factories, and other similar environments as particularly hazardous, an injury can occur in any type of workplace. For those who have sustained an injury in any type of Florida workplace, you likely have the right to file a claim under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, a law that obligates Florida employers to maintain workers’ compensation insurance coverage just in case any employee is injured or made ill while on the job.

Common Florida Jobs For Workplace Injuries

Some workplace settings are more common than others when it comes to workplace injuries, and these are the ones we typically think of first when we think of hazardous work environments. For example, on construction sites, a worker could become injured from heavy equipment, they may fall from a roof or scaffolding, they could fall through a floor, they could become entangled in equipment, or they could even sustain injuries from direct contact with power lines above or underground.

Construction sites aren’t the only hazardous work environments where... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

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