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Factors That Can Affect Compensation In A Personal Injury Case

Factors That Can Affect Compensation In A Personal Injury CaseMental anguish, physical harm, loss of wages, medical expenses, and various other elements help to determine a suitable payment amount for damages sustained from car crashes, dog bites, and multiple other personal injury cases. Not everyone is entitled to the compensation, but for those who are it can offset some of the recovery costs. Have you or a loved one sustained a single or multiple injuries due to the actions of another person? If you answered yes, live in Sarasota, Bradenton, or another surrounding area, and believe that legal proceedings are in your best interest, feel free to contact our office to schedule a free case review. Allow our lawyers to show you why so many Florida residents have trusted us to represent them over the years.
Important Things That Affect Compensation
The possible items that have an impact on a case's result are endless, but a few of them tend to stand out among the rest. Emotions and adrenaline are at an all time high during and after a car crash, but it is important to keep your tongue on a leash and... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

Avoid Signing Documents After An Accident Until After Your Personal Injury Attorney Has Reviewed Them

Avoid Signing Documents After An Accident Until After Your Personal Injury Attorney Has Reviewed ThemThere are a wide array of reasons as to why a person should not sign any releases, or other paperwork, after an accident. Medical and legal jargon is difficult to understand, and the translation of words or phrases can quickly become misinterpreted. If a possible legal action is part of the equation, some companies may attempt to retrieve a signature in hopes of dismissing a claim. Many organizations are even adding clauses and other fine print to help them achieve this goal. However, these items typically do not hold up in court, but still, let a reputable personal injury attorney review the papers first to avoid any confusion.
Reasons Not To Put Your John Hancock On Anything After An Accident
1. Signing a medical release form may result in losing leverage to the insurance company.

Do you have pre-existing medical conditions, or had different types of surgeries performed? Organizations in the insurance industry do not particularly have the best interests of the victim in mind. Instead, profits and bottom lines lead their thought process, and they look for any possible way... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For A Bicycle Accident

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer For A Bicycle AccidentWith so much carnage revolving around car and truck accidents, bicycles often become lost in the mix. However, with rising gas prices, insurance costs, and various other elements, more and more cyclists are becoming found on our Florida roadways. Bike lanes, safety attire, and even insightful ads to share the roads offer some protection against accidents, but there is still a genuine possibility that one can occur. Tourists can be found daily riding bicycles to soak in the sun, and many residents use them for commuting to work. Drivers of vehicles, riders of bikes, and anyone else between, should remain vigilant in their quest to stay safe, always be aware of their surroundings, and with any luck, accidents will be avoidable.

Filing a claim with the responsible party's insurance company is often the only course of action that victims feel the need to take. However, just like with any other personal injury case, these organizations attempt to discredit the wounds or the individual that received them. In many cases, they will even try to side-step responsibility. These actions can delay proceedings, and when you... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Gathering Evidence For Your Personal Injury Case

Gathering Evidence For Your Personal Injury Case The evidence gathering process is one of the most important processes involved in your personal injury case. Whether you’ve been in an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, or slip and fall, evidence collection is necessary to your likelihood of receiving a settlement. The steps of evidence collection are:

Take notes – With a scrap of paper, a receipt you found in your pocket, or a notebook if you have one, immediately start taking notes if you’re able. Write down what you remember about the accident, you how feel, and the damage to you property if any exists, as the adrenaline continues to pump through your body, you might begin to forget important details.
Preserve evidence on the scene – Use your cell phone camera to take photos of your vehicle if you’ve been in an automobile accident, the area surrounding your slip and fall, or any other evidence that may be around the accident scene. Skid marks from tires, damages, and injuries should all be documented using a camera, with the photos saved.
File a police report – After any type of accident, filing a... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Statistics And Facts About Slip And Fall Injuries

Statistics And Facts About Slip And Fall Injuries Whether at work, walking down the street or sidewalk, or in your favorite local store, slip and fall injuries can happen at any time. Every year, over 1 million Americans suffer an injury from a slip and fall, and these accidents are responsible for millions in damages. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, Florida residents who suffer from a slip and fall accident can recoup their losses from the negligent parties who have allowed the hazardous conditions to remain causing the accident.
Elevated Versus Same-Level Falls
When it comes to slip and fall accidents, there are two major types – elevated falls and same-level falls. Elevated falls occur when a person slips and falls from a distance or a height to the ground, and same level falls are falls where a person falls on seemingly level ground. More than 60% of all slip and fall related injuries are the result of same-level falls, but most serious injuries or death are the result of elevated falls.

Over 60% of elevated falls happen at a height of less than 10 feet, and it’s these types of... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Hurricane Irma Shines Spotlight On Property Owners Responsibility To Prevent Dangerous Storm Debris

Tropical Tree Toppled in Hurricane Irma Sarasota A tropical tree fallen sideways onto a fence and across a bike lane after Hurricane Irma blew through the neighborhood of Sarasota, Florida
With all of the hurricanes and heavy storms Florida is facing, damage to your home is eventually an inevitable consequence.

Most homeowners have Hurricane Insurance/Homeowners Insurance that will provide for repairs, but often these insurance policies have high deductible where an insured can be paying thousands of dollars out of pocket before the insurance policy will kick in.

Majority of the damage to your property in these storms results from mother-nature, but what if, the damage caused on your property caused by someone else’s negligence, say a neighbor?

As homeowners in the state of Florida, there are certain actions necessary to prevent damage or reduce damage when a known hurricane is approaching our state. Just as Floridians know to stop their vehicle at a stop sign, they also know that loose objects, furniture, etc. can become dangerous projectiles in high wind situations, and the need to take measures to secure these items is necessary.

Compensation For Your Insurance Deductible

There may be a duty for your neighbors to secure... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Florida Vote To Abolish PIP Insurance And What This Means For Drivers

Florida Vote To Abolish PIP Insurance And What This Means For Drivers Back in March, a Florida house committee voted overwhelmingly to do away with the Florida PIP insurance mandate. In a 12-2 vote, the Florida house Insurance & Banking Subcommittee made the decision to abolish the need for PIP insurance effective January 1st, 2018, making Florida no longer just 1 of 13 US states to mandate drivers to invest in PIP insurance. So, with PIP insurance looking to be on its way out, what does that mean for drivers?
What Is PIP Insurance?
PIP stands for personal injury protection, and the goal of PIP insurance is to not pin fault on a negligent driver and to lessen the load on the Florida court systems. Both drivers’ insurance policies cover their losses, their medical costs, and their damages, leaving no question as to whose insurance company is going to be responsible, or who caused the accident to begin with.

One of the main complaints many have with PIP insurance is that drivers feel as if their right to pursue a lawsuit when coverage doesn’t cover what they need is taken away, which is why most... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

How To Find The Best Auto Accident Lawyer In Florida

How To Find The Best Auto Accident Lawyer In Florida If you’ve been in an auto accident within the state of Florida, and you’ve sustained serious or lasting injuries that encompass more than what your PIP insurance will recoup, it’s time to look for a Florida personal injury attorney who can represent you. Naturally, you’ll want to opt for someone experienced in Florida law who gives you your best chance at a positive outcome, but how do you find the attorney who can best represent your case?
Finding Lawyers To Meet With
You will need to start somewhere, so why not start with those you know and trusted testimonials? When researching personal injury lawyers in Florida, ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations, and also research client reviews or testimonials online to see what may be available locally to you with experiences you can trust. Gather a good number of lawyers to interview, and begin your search for finding the best one to represent you and the case you want to bring to the courts.
Be Prepared To Ask Questions
The interview process of the attorneys you’ve researched is important. Through this interview process, you’ll learn... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

The Delayed Effects Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

The Delayed Effects Of A Traumatic Brain Injury Concussions are one of the most common injuries sustained in auto, motorcycle, or personal injury accidents. A mild concussion is what many view as “no big deal”, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even what might seem like a mild concussion can actually be something much more severe, and you could find yourself with a traumatic brain injury with all of the delayed symptoms that come along with it. Often, a traumatic brain injury doesn’t manifest all at once, and the severity of your injury can only be accurately assessed by seeing a doctor as soon as possible after your accident has occurred.
Delayed Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms In Adults
In adults, the delayed effects of a traumatic brain injury often include headaches and cognitive difficulties, and there are a few reasons why these aren’t caught right away. Immediately after the accident, headaches could be chalked up to stress or as a result of the mild concussion experienced in the accident. Experiencing headaches in the weeks following a mild or minor concussion is normal, but these can persist for months or even years... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

The Process Of A Personal Injury Case In Florida

The Process Of A Personal Injury Case In Florida Being faced with a personal injury lawsuit case in Florida can be a stressful experience, even to those who have equipped themselves with the best Florida personal injury lawyer. Getting to know the process, however, can make the experience much less stressful, and we want to breakdown the process for you to show you that a personal injury lawsuit is nothing to worry over. A personal injury lawsuit can help you to get the compensation you deserve, making it a process that is worthwhile regardless of what the process entails.
The Accident
The first step of the process, naturally, is the accident, and the injury that occurs. This is undoubtedly the most stressful part of the process, but it’s important to stop, collect your thoughts, and consider evidence collection. If your accident injures you to a point where you cannot collect evidence yourself at the time, that’s okay, and the evidence collection process can be carried out by a witness, a passenger, or after the accident occurs and you’re in a better state to begin collecting evidence yourself.
Seeking Medical Attention
If you wish to pursue... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

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