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Three Children Reportedly Burned By Sunscreen

According to WTSP-TV St PetersburgThree Children Reportedly Burned By Sunscreen, at least three children have suffered severe burns on their face after applying sunscreen. The burns occurred after all of the children used Banana Boat Kids 50+ SPF spray sunscreen. The children suffered severe burning that included redness, peeling, blistering, and rawness. These burns are very concerning for parents who trust sunscreens to keep their children protected.
Allergies Suspected As The Culprit
While treating the affected children, multiple physicians suspect that the burns are not in fact sunburns, but chemical burns. Chemical burns can happen when a child has an allergy to an ingredient in the product. Skin allergies can be exasperated with a lot of sun exposure, so if the cause is an allergy, it’s clear why the symptoms in the children were so severe. When WTSP-TV contacted Edgewell Personal Care, the makers of Banana Boat sunscreens, said they were aware of the discussion and were investigating, but all of their products were thoroughly safety tested.
What To Do If You Or Your Child Is Burned By Sunscreen
If you suspected your child has been burned by sunscreen... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Two Tons Of Hot Dogs Recalled

The Los Angeles TimesTwo Tons Of Hot Dogs Recalled is reporting that nearly 210,000 pounds of hot dogs are being recalled due to contamination. The recall comes just as the summer cookout season is beginning when hot dog sales are the highest. With such a large scale, there is serious concern for injury and product liability issues. Here is everything you need to know about this latest recall.
The Details Of The Recall
The recall impacts products manufactured by Cincinnati-based meat producers John Morrell & Co. Two brands of ready-to-eat beef hot dogs are impacted. The first is a 4oz, sealed packages of Nathan’s 8 Skinless Beef Franks with a use-by date of August 19, 2017. The second is 16 ounce, sealed packages of Curtis Beef Master Franks with a use-by date of June 15, 2017. You can also check the packing for a stamp reading “EST. 296.” These hot dogs have been recalled after consumers filed complaints that there are metal flakes between the hot dogs and their packaging. To date, there are no reports of injury or illness related to the products. However, the metal... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

A Scenario That Could Leave You In Need Of A Personal Injury Lawyer

A Scenario That Could Leave You In Need Of A Personal Injury LawyerSummer is upon us in full swing, and it is time to take the motorhome out for a leisurely trip to the campgrounds. The vehicle handled effortlessly, fishing and fun in the sun were aplenty, and the time has come for a safe ride back to the conveniences of home. Then, disaster strikes.

As you turn your key in the ignition, you notice a terrible grinding sound, coming from underneath the motorhome, and then it happens. You stop attempting to crank the vehicle, don't see, or hear, anything else, and decide that it is time to try again. This time, the motor starts up quickly, but the familiar grinding noise is back. The starter motor has malfunctioned, is making a horrible whining noise, and will not stop.

You and your family get out of the motorhome, safe and sound, with it still making an annoying sound, and cranked. After deciding that disconnecting the battery cable would be your best method for alleviating the problem, you make an attempt to do so. Black smoke begins to billow out from under the motorhome, and... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Your Duty To Mitigate Damages And How It Can Impact Your Settlement

Your Duty To Mitigate Damages And How It Can Impact Your SettlementWhen you’ve been injured, even through the negligence of another party, you have a legal obligation to minimize the damages. This legal obligation includes making responsible choices about medical treatment, your financial well-being, and your overall lifestyle. If you do not fulfill this duty, the defendant in your injury case can claim that the value of your injuries would be less if you exercised ordinary care, reasonable judgment, and due diligence, reducing the value of your settlement.
Decisions That Could Impact The Value Of Your Damages
There are several actions you can take that can negatively impact the value of your damages. Here are some of the key decisions the defendant will use to reduce your claim:

Failing To Seek Medical Attention: An injured party is required to seek medical attention in order to legally prove their claim. However, you can also lose your right to a medical claim if you wait too long to see a doctor. This is especially true if waiting exacerbated the injury.
Refusing Medical Advice: You are required to follow your doctor’s advice and follow... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

This Camshaft Failure May Lead To You Needing An Attorney

This Camshaft Failure May Lead To You Needing An AttorneyYou finally saved up your money and bought the car of your dreams, only to have it break, cause you to crash, and get injured. Now, you have a mangled car, multiple and various expenses, and have no idea what to do. This type of scenario is more common than you might think. Many drivers have never been in an accident, and if they have been, it was not likely due to a recalled vehicle. However, these types of occurrences do happen, and our experienced, knowledgeable firm, can help you get deserved compensation, and form a plan for your recovery.

After all, your health and well-being are of the utmost importance, and if you are out of work due to the injury, how can you possibly afford to get better? There are so many ifs, and buts, that are wrapped up in these types of cases, with attempting to prove fault, and what not, that these lengthy proceedings, can leave you worse off than you started. If you have been injured due to an automotive recall, contact our office for a... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

Urgent Product Recall Information For Cyclists, Bicycle Enthusiasts, And More

Urgent Product Recall Information For Cyclists, Bicycle Enthusiasts, And MoreRiding a bike has evolved over the years. What was once a childhood past time, has become one of the most used forms of transportation and exercise, as well as, a tool to blow off steam. There are vast numbers of cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, and multiple other modes of transportation on our roads, that it is notable to mention that, we should all share the roadways, and be mindful of others around us. Of course, that is an entirely different discussion, and this post is for owners, or just riders of bikes, to remain safe and keep enjoying what they love doing.

Hopping on your cycle and heading to your favorite trail seems harmless enough, and it is likely you have not even thought about your mode of transportation causing you harm. Aside from a flat tire, chain coming off, or another minor problem, an actual bike failure hurting us, stays at the very back of our mind. It is out of sight and out of mind, but these recalls can pose a threat to you and need to be looked into accordingly.
The... read article

Attorney M David Shapiro

Avoid Mudding, Or Off-Roading, Until You Have Read About This Product Recall

Avoid Mudding, Or Off-Roading, Until You Have Read About This Product RecallThere is nothing better than hitting the beach, woods, or another area, in your all-terrain, or recreational off-highway vehicle, after a good rain. ATVs and ROHVs, even provide you with an easy way to just go for a leisurely drive. There are certain dangers that we accept when driving, or riding in, these types of vehicles, but we do not expect defective parts to be behind those hazards. This recall involves a massive amount of Kawasaki models, including...

2017 Brute Force 750 all-terrain vehicles of the following models, 4×4i EPS, 4×4i EPS Camo, 4×4i EPS, and 4×4i, with VIN, ranges between JKAVFDL11HB506155 and JKAVFDG10HB512832
2017 TERYX, TERYX LE, TERYX Camo, TERYX4, TERYX4 LE, and TERYX4 Camo recreational off-highway vehicles, with VINs ranging between JKBRFCH17HB501204 and JKBRTCG10HB507422
2017 Mule utility vehicles of various models, with VINs, varying between JKBAFSL19HB500313 and JK1AFCR14HB531308

The vehicles came in assorted colors, shades, and patterned camouflages, with multiple seating options, and automotive-style controls. Model names and VINs, printed on different surfaces, including the frame and under the seat, are easy to find. Sold at Kawasaki dealerships nationwide, these... read article

Attorney Michael J Babboni

Another Typical, Everyday, Airbag-Related Recall, That Drivers Have To Worry About

Another Typical, Everyday, Airbag-Related Recall, That Drivers Have To Worry AboutFor the past few years, airbag-related recalls, have remained atop the trending lists, of news outlets, web pages, and even social media accounts. Malfunctioning, or defective, components, parts, and equipment increase a driver's risks of becoming involved in an accident. Personal injuries, and in some cases, even deadly consequences, can occur. There are always risks involved when you decide to get behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle, but when you are one of the members in a crash, due to a bad car part, that is unacceptable.

Have you, or a loved one, been injured because of a part associated with an automotive recall? You may be entitled to compensation for loss of wages, medical expenses, and rehabilitation. Our office is prepared, capable, and able to go the distance, with the legal teams, that various corporations have in place, for just such an occasion, and we will fight for you, always with your best interests in mind. With any luck, knowing about this information will keep you safely out of harm's way, but if not, know that we are here... read article

Attorney Bernard F Walsh

Pool Ownership Means Extra Precautions

Pool Ownership Means Extra PrecautionsIt’s a pretty natural decision in Florida to decide to get a pool built in your yard. After all, the sunshine state has both sunny days and warm temperatures throughout the year, making the use of a pool a year round option for residents. Pools also can add value to a home as a property investment, so it can even make good financial sense in addition to adding more fun for your family.

But owning a pool also means some extra responsibilities, especially where children are involved. Pool owners that aren’t serious about their safety obligations can often learn the hard way what carelessness can cost, through injury, a personal injury case, or even the death of a child.
Backyard Fun Is Also Backyard Danger
It’s an amazing statistic, especially for a first world nation like the United States, but America experiences, on average, the deaths of about 390 children every year between the ages of 1-4. The cause of these deaths? Drowning in a swimming pool. In fact, of the deaths that occurred due to drowning in a pool, 75% of those deaths took place in private pools, either... read article

Attorney Stephen Fernandez

What If You Are Injured By Another Civilian In A Robbery?

What If You Are Injured By Another Civilian In A Robbery?It’s not a situation anyone would want to be in, but cities like Miami have already played host to criminal activities that have resulted in spectacular gun battles between criminals, police and even ordinary citizens. Fortunately, this type of dangerous activity is far from an everyday occurrence, but America is a country where guns are freely accessible and that means both good and bad people can use them, and even good people can make mistakes.

So what happens, for example, if you are caught in a situation such as a bank, a gas station, convenience store, or even night club where shooting breaks out because of a theft attempt? What if you, as a bystander, get shot not by the criminals, but either by security, or even other citizens that are attempting to defend themselves or neutralize the threat by firing into the crowd you are a part of?
Negligence From Chaos
Florida is a state where private citizens, if they possess the correct license, can carry concealed firearms, and even briefly show them in public, provided it is not done in a threatening... read article

Attorney David L Goldman

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