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Traumatic Brain Injuries can have a lasting and terrible effect on a life. Our attorneys have experience with representing TBI cases in and out of the court room.

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Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, & Walsh is a highly regarded firm for personal injury cases in Florida. Attorneys are capable and prepared to take cases to trial. The firm is not limited in its resources for building and proving cases; this tends to be too expensive for many firms, but such is not the case here. Despite this, a vast majority of the cases handled are able to be settled out of court. This occurs largely due to the general acknowledgment of the firm's successes among insurance providers. Insurance companies prefer to keep cases out of court. These factors all work together to fight for the client's needs and rights in ways that only Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, & Walsh can accomplish.

The firm maintains a successful record of handling all kinds of personal injury cases. Cases of traumatic brain injury are significantly more complicated. The team of lawyers has special training, experience, and expertise to take on these types of cases. The firm's relationships with medical facilities and insurance providers help to provide the most thorough investigation into the circumstances and results surrounding the clients' brain injuries. The firm constantly remains abreast of all neurological developments dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. As such, the firm is highly equipped with the best resources available to effectively represent those who are victims of traumatic brain injuries as a result of preventable accidents.

Reasons to Work with an Attorney in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

When brain injury occurs as a result of a preventable accident, the victim is entitled to various forms of monetary compensation, As such, an expert on all the pertinent state and federal laws can help the victim pinpoint the areas of justice needed, thereby working towards a highly favorable settlement.

Lawyers rely heavily on the work of medical professionals in cases of traumatic brain injury. As such, attorneys can help clients identify the types of testing needed to prove the case and with referrals to health care providers who specialize in the necessary neurological testing and treatment. This serves not only the benefit of the case but also to encourage the client toward the reception of the best medical care necessary and available for his or her condition.


What Differentiates Brain Injury Cases from Other Personal Injury Cases

Injuries from brain trauma do not affect a person's appearance as readily—if at all—as almost every other type of injury does. Wounds cannot be seen and taken as immediate evidence in favor of the plaintiff. Accumulating and analyzing evidence, therefore, is a more time-consuming and labor-intensive process than is the case with other types of injury investigations.

Brain injury cases are a collaborative effort between the personal injury lawyer, the client's medical provider, the client, and his or her family. Medical records must be available to indicate the type and extent of brain injury. The client and client's family must work cooperatively with the legal and medical professionals to offer all information available regarding the accident in as complete a fashion as possible. This collective labor, then, will serve the client in proving the case, making the way for the reception of the compensation to which he or she is entitled.


How Medical Technology and Experts Are Utilized for Case Resolution

Practiced radiologists are able to conduct tests including very advanced brain scans, through which the manner and magnitude of brain injury can be understood. At least one clinical physician—a neuropsychiatrist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist, or psychologist—must be part of the medical team along with the radiology experts. All people present on the medical team must be willing and able to openly, thoroughly, and accessibly communicate their findings, diagnoses, and prognoses from all tests and examinations with each other, with the legal team, and with the client.

Several specific radiological tests must be conducted to ensure that the case is complete and manageable. The SPECT scan—Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography—uses 3-D technology to provide pictures of the smallest, most difficult to find injuries on the brain. The PET scan—Positron Emission Tomography—obtains information in any changes that have taken place in brain functioning as a result of a brain injury. Several different types of MRI scans are also required. These further the likelihood of discovering and identifying injuries. As part of this MRI requirement, at least one, three Tesla MRI must be taken—although a seven Tesla MRI is recommended.

Other MRI scans such as the SWI (Susceptibility Weighted Imaging) and FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) can see the smallest of injuries, even to the extent of identifying hemorrhages. DTI—Diffusion Tensor Imaging—is an excellent source to uncover axon injuries. MR Spectroscopy is another invaluable tool; it makes known any changes in the brain's biochemistry that has occurred. A collection of reports from the best radiology experts available, therefore, is crucial to the process of defending clients who are seeking monetary compensation for the effects of the traumatic brain injuries they have endured.


How Compensation Is Determined

Guilty parties should be made responsible for any past, recurring, or future medical bills incurred as a result of the accident. This not only includes medical visits, surgeries, and medication but also physical therapy and other rehabilitative measures required. If the accident is determined to have caused a wrongful death due to fatal brain injury, the family involved may receive damages for funeral expenses. Brain damage, amnesia, and tangible ongoing physical or emotional pain of many types carry with them the potential for collecting damages. Employment changes due to accident, including job loss or loss of wages—whether entirely past or ongoing—can be compensated. Also, when brain trauma has created a continuous inability to take part in activities once enjoyed, the client may be entitled to special monetary compensation related to such losses.

Each of these areas is an applicable defense for personal injury compensation of traumatic brain injuries in the state of Florida. An attorney, therefore, is able to work with clients to help them identify areas of potential damages and then to help them work towards the eventual reception of the maximum possible compensation.


Why Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, & Walsh for Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

One of the most important aspects of consideration in choosing an attorney for representation in a case of traumatic brain injury is that of terminology. Like all medical specialties, neurology has its own set of technical words and phrases. Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, & Walsh have worked extensively to become familiar with the language of traumatic brain injury.

Working intimately with those in the neurological and radiology fields has allowed knowledge to be shared mutually among the fields. As such, the collaborative work creates the most extensive investigation possible of each client's circumstances, the most thorough analysis possible of the causes and extent of the brain trauma, the most comprehensive argument possible developed for presentation whether handled in or out of court, and the best possible likelihood of the maximum level of monetary compensation being awarded to the client.


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