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Injuries from being hit by a drunk driver are particularly devastating. Our law firm has a proven track record of getting justice for those injured by drunk drivers

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Why should I work with an attorney?

If you have had the unfortunate experience of being hit by a drunk driver, there are many things to consider. First and foremost, your emotional health is at stake. Hiring the right lawyer in cases like these takes the pressure off of you to perform in a legal environment, which can be highly stressful. All of the technical aspects of going through a drunk driving case can be incredibly precision oriented. The process can also take years. You need someone on your side who is working for you so that you can heal both emotionally and physically.

Also, you cannot assume that you will receive compensation for your injuries just because you are not at fault. Remember that the court was not present during the incident. All that they have to go on are the records that are presented in court, so you must make sure that you have the appropriate representation for your case.

Drunk driving laws in many jurisdictions leave a great deal of leeway for judges to choose compensation for victims. In order to receive just compensation, you must have an attorney to fight for your perspective throughout the entire process. You must also keep up with the court schedule in order to ensure that your case is not lessened or dismissed because of a technicality. The right lawyer will be able to get all your documents in on time and make sure you adhere to all appearance scheduling.


How are drunk driving victims cases different?

When you are dealing with a drunk driver, many issues come into play. First of all, the age, nationality and insurance of the driver is all in question. Who will you be compensated by? How long will this compensation take? All of these variables will end up affecting your emotional and financial well-being for the next few years. You need an attorney on your sides of the maximizer take no matter what these variables may be.

Drunk driving cases are also different because of the potential criminal aspects. This can create even more of a time lag in the case for your financial compensation. If the drunk driver does not have the proper automobile insurance or otherwise cannot pay for injuries that he or she caused, there are other financial issues to consider, issues that need a good lawyer in order to be fully resolved.


What kind of damages can a drunk driver victim pursue?

There are many different ways that a drunk driver victim can pursue injury compensation. These categories are separate and distinct. If you talk to an insurance company without a lawyer present, they may attempt to lump all of these categories together and give you a sum of money that is less than what you would receive in a line item settlement. Part of the reason to retain an attorney even if you are not going to court (not very likely in a drunk driving case) is to keep tactics like this from even entering the minds of the insurance company.

The damages that you can pursue include property damage, medical expenses, damages for emotional stress, workers compensation as well as many other types of damages. Be sure not to accept a lump sum without the express guidance of a professional attorney because of the potential for ongoing injuries that may need medical treatment for a long time.


How is compensation calculated?

Calculating compensation for injuries incurred in a drunk driving cases done differently depending on the municipality. However, you should be sure that they are calculated by category, separate and distinctly from each other. After you determine the total amount of damages that you will receive, then you and your attorney can work out a contingency payment.

If you do not have enough money to retain an attorney, most of them will work on contingency in a drunk driving case. Contingency means that the attorney is not paid until the settlement is agreed upon by the court to the victim and paid by the appropriate party.


Why choose our law firm for your case?

There are many advantages to choosing our law firm for drunk driving victims cases. First of all, we have decades of experience in this arena – we know all the tricks that the insurance company will try to play on you in order to minimize your settlement. We also understand the emotional stress that you are going through. Our helpful staff will ensure that we handle all of the rough technical aspects of the case so that you can begin the process of healing yourself physically, emotionally and financially.

We have many financial arrangements that will be very attractive to you even if you do not have money upfront to retain a top-notch attorney. We are expert at working with people of all financial backgrounds, so do not let that stop you from calling us as soon as you can after the incident has occurred. Remember that the other side has lawyers working for them around-the-clock. You need the same kind of professional advice on your site in order to level the playing field and get the compensation that you deserve. Visit our website or drop us an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible so that we can begin the process of getting you the resources that you will need in order to get your life back.


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