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Work can be a dangerous place in many industries. If you have been injured at work, your circumstances may qualify you for a personal injury claim as well

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Why should I work with an attorney?

Large retail businesses and other companies that are home to many personal injury cases have the cash reserves and the ability to stretch out legal framework to their advantage against you. They can wait you out if they know that you have been sidelined by your injuries, forcing you to accept a lower settlement. They can also confuse you with technical legal proceedings, causing you to miss various aspects of the court process that are necessary to maximize your claim. Some unfortunate souls have even had their cases dropped based on technicalities, receiving absolutely no compensation for their injuries.

Hiring the dedicated legal experts at Get Me Justice in Sarasota at the beginning of the process will keep you from the many foxholes that are set up for you in workplace accident injury cases. We will ensure your protection from legal loopholes as well as interpretations of law that are not necessarily in your favor.

When it comes to workplace injury and personal injury accident cases, there is a great deal of leverage for judges and juries to decide your compensation on their own. In order to ensure that your compensation is just, we level the playing field. We are experts in Sarasota legal precedents as well as state regulations when it comes to workplace accident injuries in the local area. This ensures that your interpretation of the law will best represent the case that you need in order to maximize your payout.


What kind of damages are outside of workers compensation cases?

There are many different types of damages that can be claimed by a victim in a workplace accident injury. Chief among them are medical expenses, both immediate and ongoing. There may also be expenses for employment that is lost during the healing process. On top of this, the opposing side may be responsible for paying for the emotional trauma that is caused from the injury. Depending on the particulars of each case, there are also many other smaller forms of damages that can be pursued. This is also dependent on the municipality in which the injury occurs.

Below are a few of the major types of damages that the lawyers at Get Me Justice can bring to bear for you.

Products liability - This is a case against a defective product that caused you some injury.

Toxic tort lawsuit - Companies who injure you by including a toxic substance in products may be subject to this legal action. Toxic substances can include innocuous substances if they cause you harm. Do not think that just because asbestos was not in the product that it was not toxic. Report the injury.

Third party personal injury cases - If you were injured by a third party while in a workplace, you may be able to bring suit against that party in court.

Civil court cases - If your employer does not carry workers compensation insurance, we will work so that you can still collect your restitution from them in civil court. There may also be options to collect from a state fund.


Types of workplace injury cases

There is no profession that is completely immune from possible workplace injury cases. However, there are certain professions that are certainly more apt to create situations in which a workplace injury can occur. These professions include nursing, construction and manufacturing.

One might think that violent injuries such as broken bones are the only injuries that a court would consider. Workplace accident injury certainly include slip and fall cases, struck by cases and crush injury cases. However, there are many other types of injuries that have cause workplace accident cases as well. These less violent injuries may include overexertion, bodily reaction injuries, repetitive motion injuries and illnesses that are related to the workplace.

Bodily reaction injuries are perhaps the least understood type of workplace accident injury on the list. However, they are the third most reported type of injury that comes into the offices of attorneys. For instance, a company may be liable for damages if it requires a person to stand, climb, reach or been in a way that causes an adverse reaction in the body. Cases like these are more difficult to determine in black and white. If you believe that you have a case such as this, you should let an attorney no immediately and not assume that it was your fault.


How is compensation for a workplace accident injury case calculated?

Compensation is determined in many different ways depending upon the type of injury and the municipality in which the injury occurred. However, most injury cases are decided on a line item basis with the different categories of damages placed distinctly and separately from each other. Just because a person may not be entitled to medical damages does not mean that there is no cause for emotional stress damages. Opposing attorneys and companies will certainly try to link the categories together so that they can minimize payments to a workplace accident victim in all of them. We are here to help reverse that process to your favor through line item settlements and proper record keeping to ensure that all claims are documented and ready for the court.


Why choose our law firm for workplace accident injuries?

Get Me Justice dedicated attorneys with decades of experience to handle all types of workplace accident injury cases. If your case is not workers compensation, then many other firms will not be able to deal with the nuances and differences. We actually specialize in workplace accident injury cases that are not workers compensation cases. Come to us if you have a case like this.

When Get Me Justice goes to work for you in your personal injury case, we will exercise many legal options to help build your case, chief among them -

  • collecting data from police and witnesses, including those who are not forthcoming
  • working with medical professionals to ensure your proper treatment as well as a proper assessment of the costs incurred for court records
  • purchasing products that may be used as evidence in the case to ensure that all evidence reaches the courtroom
  • assessing latent injuries as well as immediate injuries in order to properly assess medical treatment and restitution
  • protecting you from the shill tactics of insurance companies such as early settlement lowballing

If you are looking for guidance through the sometimes murky legal technical waters, then you have come to the right place. Do not let opposing attorneys and insurance companies for you into believing that something is one way when it is really another. These tactics are used in order to minimize payments to you. Remember that you have many liabilities that stem from this case: personal liabilities, medical liabilities, employment liabilities and perhaps family liabilities. All of these liabilities must come from the settlement that you receive – it is not time to negotiate with a soft stick.

Give us a call or an email as soon as you think that you have been injured in a workplace accident. We will ensure that you receive the proper legal attention as soon as possible so that you can return to your life as soon as possible.

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