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With nearly a quarter-million residents within its borders, St. Petersburg is one of the most heavily populated areas in the state and one of the most visited. There's plenty to see and do here, from the Museum of Fine Arts to the St. Petersburg Pier. However, due to the high population it's also the site of frequent accidents.

We have more than 20 years of history serving the St. Pete area with personal injury law claim representation, and pride ourselves on settling for millions every year for our clients. If you've been injured, you probably have plenty of questions about what to do. Learning more is the first step towards getting the compensation that you deserve.

How can a lawyer help after an injury?

Simply put, a lawyer is one of the single most important allies you can have after suffering from an injury. While your doctor and medical team will be vital as well, your attorney will be able to offer you numerous benefits that make them vital to the recovery process.

Here's a look at just some of the ways we can help you after you've been injured:

  • An attorney will help you determine what your rights are and whether or not you can pursue compensation. This allows you to avoid going through a long, drawn out process of legal action if there is no point in it.

  • By using an attorney, you help yourself avoid a huge amount of stress. Recovering from an injury is something that can take a toll on your body and mind, and when you're trying to recover you don't need the added stress of trying to fight insurance companies or argue for a settlement. By letting our team take over, you can focus on what's important – recovering from your injuries – while we take care of the stressful, difficult task of negotiating your settlement.

  • You also get better, faster results when you trust in a personal injury lawyer for your case. The fact is that insurance companies have a long history of pushing around those who've been injured in an accident. It's because they can – they know that most people don't have the resources to take them to trial and that most will settle for a fairly low settlement. With an attorney on your side, the chances of the insurance company settling out of court are much higher since they want to avoid a large settlement fee ordered by the court. You'll get your compensation faster, and it will likely be higher than it normally would.

What Is The Process Of An Injury Claim Case?

Personal Injury

A personal injury case can involve far more than most people realize, and it's vital that you understand just how complex it can be. This way, you'll have a clearer idea as to just what's going with your case and what steps your lawyer will be taking. Here's a look at some of the key steps involved.

  • First, the attorney has to determine just what your rights are. This means that they need to figure out whether or not you actually have the legal right to seek compensation. They'll have to determine if fault lies with the other party and why.

  • A lot of investigation will likely follow. We'll talk to witnesses, review accident reports, and more in order to help determine who is really at fault and what the specifics of the accident were.

  • The next step will be negotiating for a settlement. Once you have a legal team on your side, most insurance companies will be far more likely to settle out of court than to go to trial. The reason? They're worried that a judge or jury may award you far more than they want to pay. As a result, they're willing to negotiate to a sum that much fairer than what they'd pay you if you had no representation.

  • The attorney will discuss your options with you once a settlement is proposed, and help you determine whether or not it's a fair amount. If it is, the agreement will be signed.

  • If it's not fair and you don't feel it is, your next step will be a trial. At this point, the attorney will represent you and argue your case in court to get you the compensation you're owed.

Saint Petersburg Law Office Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

St Petersburg roads are very busy, and as a result they are the site of numerous accidents throughout the year. Under Florida law, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries if you’ve been hurt in an auto accident that was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else. Auto accident fault could lie with other motorists, road engineers, automakers, and more. As such, you’ll want to speak with a professional auto accident attorney to find out what your rights are and how best to pursue your compensation. Our experienced team is ready to help you.

Legal Help For Car Accidents In St. Petersburg

Personal Injury

Being injured in an accident can throw anyone’s life into chaos. Residents of St Petersburg who are involved in any type of accident already have to endure physical and mental healing, but what about the financial impact it can have on their life? Medical bills, lost wages from work, and other expenses can add up quickly and leave you in a stressful situation. Seeking compensation through a personal injury lawsuit is the best option to avoid this. By proving the other party acted recklessly and that they are to blame, you could be able to get the compensation that you need to recover fully.

Legal Help For Personal Injury In St. Petersburg

Truck Accidents

Auto accidents in St Petersburg that involve commercial trucks are a much more complex and serious type of auto accident. Their size means that injuries can be far more severe, and recovery times much longer. However, they’re also different in terms of seeking financial compensation when your accident was caused by a truck driver. The reason is that major trucking and insurance companies often spend huge sums of money to fight against paying out what you’re owed. There are numerous methods used to prove fault, however, and getting help from an experienced truck accident lawyer is the smartest move you can make.

Motorcycle Accidents

Florida residents love their bikes, and St. Petersburg is home to scores of motorcyclists. But when you’re involved in an accident on a motorcycle, the chance of suffering a serious injury becomes incredibly high. Broken bones, spinal injuries, brain trauma, and death are all alarmingly common in these types of accidents, and all can place a tremendous physical and mental strain on your life. But there is also a financial burden that comes with serious motorcycle accidents, and if you’ve been hurt in one you owe it to yourself to speak with our team to learn how you could get compensation for your injuries.

Legal Help For Motorcycle Accidents In St. Petersburg

Dog Bites

Personal injury law in St Petersburg can encompass a lot of different things, but one that is often overlooked is dog bites. Each year, hundreds of people suffer dog bites and over 600 hospital visits in Florida are due to this type of injury. If you’ve been bitten by a dog that an owner failed to properly secure or contain, you could be able to seek financial compensation for your injuries. You’ll have to show that the owner acted in a negligent manner concerning their pet, which can be difficult, but our legal team can assist you in the process.

Slip And Fall

A slip and fall accident can have a dramatic influence on the lives of those involved. St Petersburg is home to numerous types of residents, and a fall can lead to broken bones as well as other serious problems like head trauma and more. Seeking compensation is important, but slip and fall law is very complex due to the fact that it must be proven that a property owner knew about the potential risk of part of their property and did nothing to correct it or warn others about it. This can be challenging, and only an experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

Wrongful Death

A sudden death is something that nobody is prepared for. It can not only lead to sorrow, anger, and more, but can also place families in a serious financial bind. Funerary costs, lost wages, medical bills, and other factors can make it hard for those left behind to move on in any meaningful way. A wrongful death lawsuit in Sarasota is intended to help those people who have lost a loved one overcome the financial bind it can place them in and try to move forwards with their life the best they can. Those who have lost someone should speak with an attorney as soon as they can.

How Will Your Firm Prove My Case?

While the insurance industry has a finely honed playbook, their own attorneys and corporate salaried adjusters, the Attorneys at Shapiro Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh understand what it takes to prove a case and determine fair compensation.

  • Work with law enforcement to collect police reports
  • Purchase wrecked vehicles involved in the crash
  • Collect the witness statements
  • Where applicable get black box data from commercial trucks
  • Review the driving records of those involved
  • Review the medical condition of drivers
  • Work with a professional accident re-constructionist to create a computer animated presentation of how your accident occurred based on the investigative data
  • Work with medical professionals and life-time care planners to understand the long-term, needs
  • Communicate directly with the insurance companies for your interests

How Is Compensation Calculated?

Calculating the compensation you're entitled to is a complex process that involves a number of different things. Some of the different factors that go into compensation include:

  • Medical expenses you've paid
    thus far for injuries
  • Future medical expenses your injuries
    may lead to Lost wages
  • Future lost wages as a result
    of your injuries
  • Pain and suffering
    – emotionally and physically

Other factors could exist as well. In TBI cases, for instance, long term care costs may be a factor. Memorial service costs and a lifetime of lost wages may be used in wrongful death cases. Each case is different, but the points above are the most common factors used in compensation calculation.

Frequent Accidents that can result in personal injury lawsuits

There is a huge amount of accidents that could lead to personal injury lawsuits, but the most common that will lead to a case include:

  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • On the job injuries
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Commercial Trucking accidents
  • Wrongful death cases
  • And more

Common injuries that legal representation is recommended for
Likewise, there are countless types of injuries that could be sustained during an accident. Among the most common and the most serious are:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Wrongful Death
  • And More

If you've been injured, you owe it to yourself to get the kind of representation you need and seek out the compensation you deserve. We can help, and have a long history of doing so.

How Much Will Your Legal Representation Cost Me?

It costs you nothing for more than 100 years of combined years of personal injury law experience in St. Petersburg and throughout Florida.

IMichael Babboni Personal injury Attorneyf you have suffered an injury, Florida laws enacted recently have reduced the time available to file your case in some situations. Do not wait, contact an attorney today and learn your rights.

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving St. Petersburg FL

The lawyers of Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni, Fernandez & Walsh have over 100 years of combined Florida legal experience in personal injury, wrongful death and negligence cases.

M. David Shapiro Personal injury Attorney

Attorney M. David Shapiro is an AV-rated civil trial lawyer, the highest rating awarded to litigation attorneys. David Shapiro is an experienced board certified trial lawyer, who has earned the respect of his peers in the legal community.

David Goldman Personal injury Attorney

Attorney David Goldman has practiced law exclusively in personal injury and wrongful death. A long-standing commitment to the Sarasota community, he has served as a board member of many civic organizations

Michael Babboni Personal injury Attorney

Since October of 1987, Michael Babboni has practiced civil and criminal litigation in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has been lead counsel in jury trials from Pasco County to Sarasota County on the West Coast of Florida...

Stephen Fernandez Personal injury Attorney

Stephen Fernandez has been named a “Rising Star” by Florida Super Lawyers magazine he was also named one of the “Top 40 Under 40” by The National Trial Lawyers organization, and maintains a “Superb” rating by Avvo

Bernard F. Walsh Personal injury Attorney

Mr. Walsh is listed in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Walsh is an AV Preeminent® rated attorney in Martindale-Hubbell®. Mr. Walsh is also listed in AVVO as Superb.

Community Involvement

Attorney Michael J. Babboni was selected by the St. Petersburg City Council as a charter member of the city's Nuisance Abatement Board, which has served as a model for other large municipalities throughout the state of Florida. Michael J. Babboni also served on the City of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce Committee, which helped attract a major league baseball team to the city.

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Personal injury lawyer M. David Shapiro Hire Experience More Than 10,000 Accident Cases Settled For Our Clients
Why Choose Our Firm?
  • Millions Of Dollars Recovered
  • For Our Clients Every Year
  • Over 100 Years Injury Law Experience
  • The Resources and Experience To Take A Case To Trial
  • Over 10,000 Accident Cases Settled
  • A Highly Trained Team Of Legal And Technical Professionals

Client Reviews

"I endorse Attorney Michael Babboni. He is a highly skilled attorney that is well respected in the legal community."

Attorney, St. Petersurg

"Excellent experience with this firm. Attorney Goldman was very active and involved with my case and the results were better than I expected."

Client, Sarasota

"The level of attentiveness, thoroughness, effort and care has been the same as if my case were a multi-million dollar case. David Shapiro’s professionalism and diligence is to be commended."

Client, Sarasota

"Bernard exceeded my expectations. He successfully represented me when I had been devastatingly injured. This attorney, along with his excellent staff, diligently, skillfully, and successfully represented me, and continues to do so."

Client, Bradenton
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Legal Discussions

Who Can Get Compensation for Auto Accident Injuries In St. Petersburg

In case you are suffering from injuries resulting from an accident or at work, then you ought to seek justice. You might be wondering how to go about a compensation claim and whether you are legible. Saint Petersburg Attorney Michael Babboni offered the following basic information regarding compensation claims.

Who can make a Claim?

If you have suffered an injury that was not your fault, you can get compensated for pain and suffering brought upon you and any loss or expenses like loss of earnings and medical costs.

In order to make a claim, you have to prove that the injury or illness came about due to the negligence of another person- for instance, your employer, a local council or another driver.

Accidents at work include cases of negligence where you are employed though you have inadequate training on the job and your employer fails to provide safety equipment. It could also involve an instance where you are exposed to harmful substances like latex or asbestos resulting in your illness. Other accidents where you are legible to make claims include:

Car accidents,  Transport accidents,  Accidents at a business residence or public area, Health related accidents like ecoli poisoning or exposure to toxic chemicals, Workplace Injuries.

What is the Statute of Limitation for a Personal Injury Claim?

For some cases the limitation time for filing a personal injury claim is 4 years since the accident occurred for accidents with private parties and 3 years for injuries involving government agencies. In some cases, the three year limitation begins when the injury was first identified and not when it actually occurred.

However for auto accidents new Florida PIP laws mean you must seek medical help and pursue your accident injury case WITHIN JUST 14 DAYS of being in the auto accident.

There are cases when the court may waive the three year limitation like when the person making the claim is below the age of 18 years or has a mental disability or when the case involves a disease that takes long to develop following the initial exposure.

In cases like asbestos related diseases, the three years begin from the time you found out about your ailment and that it was a job related accident.

If a person has started preparing for their compensation claim before they are interrupted by sudden death, the three year ultimatum starts from the time of their death to give their family enough time to follow up on the claim.

How Much Will You Receive?

This depends on your injury and the financial loss you have suffered. Compensation is mainly awarded for your inability to work, pain and suffering. Awards are based on medical evidence showing the injuries you have suffered. The amount you will be compensated will depend on how your injuries will affect you now and in the future. Our law firm often will work with a lifetime care expert to determine the amount of money required for support after your injury.

You may also be compensated for the financial loss caused by the accident. This compensation is meant to return you to your former financial position, as though the accident never took place.

Additional damages are when the accident involves a fatality. The compensation will include funeral expenses and also compensation to the family of the deceased- those who depended on the deceased’s income. Many times a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed in such a case.
Attorney Michael J Babboni

Injury Lawyer Michael Babboni Concerned With Ambulance Delays At Crash Sites

Attorney Michael J. Babboni weighs in on the recent report that Ambulances in The Pinellas County emergency medical service system are spending twice as long at trauma scenes than guidelines recommend.

A recent finding highlighted by a story from The Tampa Bay Times has shown that ambulances are staying on the scene of accidents with traumatic injuries nearly twice as long as international guidelines recommend.

The guidelines were set to ensure that victims of accidents who have sustained a traumatic injury will get the the hospital in 60 minutes or less – the so-called "Golden Hour". This is because in trauma cases patients who arrive at the hospital to get treatment within an hour have a much better success rate. While the report on ambulance times at the scene of traumatic injuries is troubling for many, it does not show that patients have been delayed beyond the golden hour in getting treatment.

Saint Petersburg lawyer, Michael Babboni, who has represented accident victims for over 27 years in Pinellas County, expressed concern over recent revelations that ambulances are spending nearly twice as long at the scene of serious accidents than the county’s 10 minute goal. Mr. Babboni stated, "The current average of 19 minutes from the time an ambulance arrives on the scene of a trauma alert to the time it departs for the hospital is too long. In many of these situations, every minute is critical, and often times can mean the difference between life and death."
Attorney Michael J Babboni

St. Petersburg Lawyer Questions Florida's Sky High Homeowners Insurer’s Rates

Injury Attorney Michael Babboni expressed concerns on Florida Homeowners Insurance rates remaining the highest in the USA.

A recent editorial article on has brought to light the extremely high homeowners insurance rates that Floridians must pay. The article cited that not only does Florida have the nation's highest homeowners insurance rates but that in relation to the number two and three states, Florida home owners premiums have actually increased, despite there having been a significant lull in hurricane and tropical storms hitting the sunshine state.

Further the article disclosed that during 2012 the premiums for the most common home insurance policy type have increased 8% rising to $2,084. This awards Florida with the unfortunate distinction of being  the only state with average homeowner insurance policies exceed $2,000.

Saint Petersburg lawyer, Michael Babboni, a specialist in insurance claims, commented on data recently released from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners that showed that in 2014, Florida once again had the overall highest homeowner’s insurance premiums in the country. “Not only is it discouraging that we still have to endure the highest rates in the country, but what’s even more discouraging is the gap between the next two highest states, Louisiana and Texas, has widened, and now Floridians pay more than double the U.S. Average.  Something has got to be done to reverse this disturbing trend.”
Attorney Michael J Babboni


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